Happy 2017!

Hi everybody, HAPPY 2017!
We hope you all had fun during New Year’s Eve.
Due to some reasons beyond our control, we will be releasing only one game this month, but we promise to make up for it next month. Here are some of the games we are working on:
Adventures in Babysitting – A funny little game in which you’ll be playing Anthony.
Anthony is asked to keep an eye on his younger brother Dane-Insane, while their father, Prof. Smith, is leaving to buy something. Prof. Smith is an explorer, thus he has weird stuff around the house. Dane-Insane is sure to cause troubles and it will be up to Anthony to save the day.

A Trip to Potato Island – This time Anthony (yes, the same Anthony from previous game) is on a trip to Potato Island.
His grandfather told him it’s a magical place with talking potatoes, but Shawnacy, the tour guide, says it’s just old wives tales. Will Anthony prove him wrong?!

The Gifted Weasel – A game which will be similar to The Magical Forest. In this game you’ll be playing a weasel, who’s wife was kidnapped by an evil witch.
Teacher From Hell – A 2 parts game in which you’ll be playing a student that must avoid a history test, but it’s not that easy when your teacher has eyes in the back of her head 🙂

We also have VP8 which we are still currently working on (about 65% of the game’s graphics is ready), so there’s a lot to expect.

We wish you and your families a happy new year, filled with happiness and joy!
See you next time 🙂

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