Happy Monday!

Hi everybody!
We hope you all had a good weekend. During the past two weeks we’ve been busy with High School Adventure and the 1500-Project.
Currently we are focusing our efforts on a games saving system. It’s more complicated than what we expected so it’s taking some extra time, but we should have it ready for testing soon.
The story for Games from the Crypt (a.k.a. the 1500-Project) is complete, and it’s a good one 🙂
There will be ~20 locations, 8 mini-games and several brainteasers. It will be our longest game, we’ll try to keep the math riddles as easy as possible. There won’t be any color puzzles and if you ever get stuck then our new hint system (which already works perfect on HSA) will rescue you 🙂
Here are some rough sketches of some of the game’s screens:

We hope to have some sketches in color by next week.
That’s all for today, have a great day!

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