Happy Sunday!

Hi everybody!
Thanks to all of you who gave us 5 stars on Kongregate. We didn’t win this time, but we’re staying positive and we hope to win one of the upcoming contests.
Speaking of contests, we wish to thank (once again) for those of you who took the time to submit their entry for our own contest.
It was hard to choose only 2 winners out of around 70 entries (most of which were very inspiring and well written), but those were the rules, so… our two winners are Kimberly Lopez and Irenne!
Congrats! Please contact us using the contact form asap to get your prize!
We will have another game challenge (or maybe drawing contest if you prefer) sometime soon.

Those of you who like ‘Let’s Play’ videos are welcome to check out Katlyn Conrad’s video (yes, the very same Katlyn Conrad starring Love Chase), it’s rather amusing. If you too have a ‘Let’s Play’ video showcasing our games, make sure to let us know about it 🙂

We have two games that are almost ready for you to play – It’s a Shore Thing (where you’ll get to spend a day at the beach with Eddie) and CrazyDad 4 (who’s trying to catch a movie without interruptions), so make sure to visit us again later this week.


Have a magical day and a happy 4th of July!

Murder Mall

The Birdcage

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