It Doesn’t Work

Hi everybody,
Some of you emailed us regarding a black screen showing up while trying to play some of our older games.
Unfortunately, we can’t solve this problem by ourselves because it’s caused by a 3rd party API.
For now we’ve decided it would be best for us to remove these games from our website until we have progress with this problem.
Some of the games were ones which we truly love (Babysitting Fun, Christmas Cookie Quest, Luke Deluxe and more), but there isn’t much we can do at this time. You can see the list of the 47 games we had to remove at the bottom of this post.

On the bright side, Murder Mall is going along just as planned, here are 2 more backgrounds:

[HEY! It’s the Zoltar machine from Midnight Spooks!]

Speaking of mobile games, those of you who noticed the ads on the right, must have already seen the Faraway game and the Can You Escape series ads, which are both puzzle/adventure games.
If you played any of these games, we would love to hear your feedback on them (sure, we couls read the reviews on Google Play, but we prefer hearing the opinions of those who also love to play our games).

That’s all for today. Have a magical day!

List of games, by alphabetical order:
A Day at the Library, Alyssa’s Quest, Anita’s Job Babysitting Fun, Camp Phantom, Cap’n Marcela, Carlos and the Dark Order Mystery, Carlos and the Murder Farm, Christmas Cookie Quest, Crazy Christmas, Crazy Vacation, Creepo’s Tales 2 ,Dakota Winchester Part 2, Escape Inc ,Fun in the Sun, Greetings from Potato Island ,Hermine’s Ghost Town Adventure ,Katja’s Escape – The Pharaoh’s Tomb ,Katja’s Escape 2 – The Mad Scientist’s Lab ,Love Burger ,Luke Deluxe ,Mad Head ,Make Me Laugh ,Maplewood Junior High ,Marrakesh Club ,Midnight Cinema ,Ozzy ,Payphone Mania ,Pizza Quest ,Quest for Éclair ,Quest for Pancake ,Saucy Devil Gordon 2 ,Save the Clock Tower ,Sherlock Has a Clue ,Sherlock Holmes 2 ,Smells Like Art ,Space on the Case ,Sweet revenge ,Tammy Jo Superstar ,The Magical Forest ,The Ritual ,The Ritual 2 ,The Search for the Dahu ,The Shadow Realms Arcade ,VP 4 ,VP 5 ,VP 8 ,Yurius’s House of Spooks.

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