June updates!

Hi everybody!
We wish to thank you all for taking part in our ‘MAKE A GAME CHALLENGE’. So far we’ve received over 50 different ideas that we need to check (it will take us some time to read them all), we didn’t expect so many comments. We will be happy to have another challenge with books giveaway next month.
In the meantime, the 2nd part of Kaitlyn’s adventures is almost ready and we hope to release it in a couple of days.
In other news, CrazyDad will return for another wacky adventure soon. This time he’ll be trying to watch a movie at the theater, but when it turns out that everyone’s speaks using their mobile phones, CrazyDad is about to go crazy.
We’ve redesigned his character for this game:
Another character that will return for a sequel is… Habla Kadabla! We started redesigning her too, and we plan on writing a long game featuring her character.

We’ve finally decided what special thing will happen once you’ve found all of the seven hidden genie bottles in Love Chase (and future C+ games as well).
At the end of the game you’ll get a link to a page with wallpapers for your mobile device or your PC!

And now, since our brain has began to melt due to the heat, we’ll go and get ourselves some ice cream 🙂
ice cream
Have a magical day!

  • sdi

    Yes! Habla’s back! I loved her game.

    • After a pretty long leave, it’s about time!

  • WOW HABLA KADABLA!! Didnt saw that coming . 🙂

    • In a good way I hope 🙂

  • Carmelfan

    Yahoo! These games will be awesome!!!!

  • Aura

    The resigned characters are awesome. Excited about the upcoming games!!

  • Umta-ta

    i think the new design is fugly

    • lol Umta, which one? Or all of them? I can tel you myself that I am not happy with all of them either, but it’s a joined decision

      • Umta-ta

        well crazy dad just looks awful! yes, i acknowledge that “different” does not necessarily equal “worse”, but in this case it does. while i am looking forward to the new games, i must say that what i have seen so far, seems disappointing – the carmel characters were so unique, so typical, now they seem to be made more like “every other” cartoon figure.

        • Romina Ogieglo

          Why so agressive? Respect other people’s work.

          • Umta-ta

            what is your problem? they asked, and i said that i don’t like it. nothing aggressive about that. gee, some people ….

          • Romina Ogieglo

            I think that there are different ways to express an idea. This guys spends months developing games -free games- and sounds a little rude that one person came to say “the desing is fugly”. Whatever…

          • I agree with Romina that the fugly comment was less than appropriate. That being said, we’ve been in this business for too long to let it disturb us 😀

          • FlyingPoop

            Everyone has a different opinion, i think the designs are great, so keep up the good work!

          • Thank you 🙂

        • I agree on some points, while I don’t on some others. Regardless, this decision has been made by several different people, and despite being NOT unanimous, it has been accepted.

  • Lívia Dai

    Crazy dad looks more crazy! I like it 😀

  • FlyingPoop

    I would love to have a creepo’s tale 3

    • Good news for you then, the plot for Creepo’s Tales 3 is being written right now 🙂

      • FlyingPoop

        Ooooh can’t wait for it XD. BTW can you make one where CREEPO himself is the main character your controlling? Like maybe he was telling another tale when someone stole something maybe?

  • FlyingPoop

    BTW loving the new designs, it looks more like a cartoon and less like a fake 2D photo

  • Charly Gulati

    I love the new designs as well as I LLLLLOOOOOVVVVEEEE the wallpaper idea.

  • Req

    Habla Kadabla is what got me into caramelgames haha

  • CherryPie

    the designs look awesome

    • Thanks Cherry 🙂

      • CherryPie


  • Srijan


  • sazia

    habla looks great

  • VirgKiss

    Some ideas:
    A game where the protagonist is Carmelo himself!
    A game in which Bosko’s art gallery is about to bankrupt
    A game in which you need to help Susan to repair her TV because her wrench is broken and she needs a new one

    • Aura

      Who is susan? i guess i have forgotten some names of the games>

    • Nice ideas, about the Carmelo game – we’ve been thinking of that for quite some time 🙂

  • FlyingPoop

    I like VirgKiss’s ideas, but who is Susan?(Sorry if she is in one of the games because i played all of them and i forgot some characters)

    • VirgKiss

      A new character,

      • FlyingPoop

        Oh Thanks

      • Susan

        Are you serious? A new character is going to be named Susan?

  • Irenne

    Crazydad is good, but Habla is fantastic! those green eyes are perfect for her 🙂

  • Joey Goh

    Habla Kadabla!!! Yay! Also I can’t wait for the next competition, since I missed the previous one:)

    • Not much longer to wait 🙂

  • jason2003gamer

    noooo! I liked Habla Kadabla the way she is . But however amazing work guys

    • We hope you’ll learn to like the new one too 😛

  • Romina Ogieglo

    Chunky Monkey!
    You had a Donna Paulsen moment!

    • 🙂
      I’ve been wanting to try this show for a while now, maybe I’ll finally get the time to do so!

  • Everything is totally PERFECT and I wanted to say that why don’t u guys make a game about horror stuff like most famous, Annabelle and I also got to know about this doll named, Robert and its info is: Robert, otherwise known as Robert the Doll, Robert the haunted doll, or Robert the Enchanted Doll, is a doll that was once owned by Key West painter and author Robert Eugene Otto. If u make a horror game I will be the one to be the happiest besides others.
    Thank You ^.^

  • jason2003gamer

    I just noticed the Carmelo’s Wizard name and hope to get in one of the games

  • Fathima Rifa

    can u put my name in any of the games

  • Fathima Rifa

    i love the new characters of habla and crazy dad.
    just like drawings
    will you bring this change all upcoming games

    • Thanks Fathima, Crazy Dad 3 is under work at the moment, Habla Kadabla will be later on.

  • Emma

    And i love the new versions of Habla and Crazy Dad

  • Susan

    Hi!! I wanted to ask are you also going to make a new character, named Susan?

  • Susan

    Love crazy dad’s hair and Habla Kadabla is perfect too!!

  • Srijan

    when u will tell the names of the winners?

    • Hopefully in our next post, if not then the one after that.

  • RockyRockz

    This is soo cool and i want to ask you that you have said that tales of carmelot it will come in mobile phone when can i get it and how ?

    • Hi Rocky,

      The game is still not available for download, we’ll announce when it will be, don’t worry 🙂

      • RockyRockz

        Thanks For your reply Carmelo i’ll Wait For It

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