Katja’s escape 2

Katja goes inside an escape-the-room attraction, she then has to find her way out quickly, or else…



  • Ida ^-^

    Awesome game! Keep the good work up!

  • thx for this game, its awesome + second comment. love it, keep it up

  • TJ

    Great job! Loved the puzzles!!

    • yeah me too

    • Thank you both Tammy and Isabell 🙂

  • Enjoyed the game but found two typos in the opening dialogue. minuets => minutes and yout => your.

    • Thanks Kyle, this will be fixed for the translated viral version.

  • Tj Mach

    11 minutes…easy but fun

  • EscapeGamesWalkthrough

    See walkthrough here:

  • Irenne

    Took 9 minutes to escape. Now I’m going to restart the game and then forget it for an hour, I want to see if the lab explodes 😀 (when you update the game into NewGrounds, you can add a medal for something like that!)

    Jokes apart, it was a great game 🙂

    • HI Irenne,

      It might explode, but might not 😛

  • Ian Jackson

    Technically superb, when I finished I had to play it again just to marvel at the gorgeous graphics and great sounds. The puzzles weren’t that difficult and I found the game a little too short, but then I sometimes wish your games could go on and on, I enjoy them so much!

    • Thank you Ian, this game is shorter than most, but it’s only because we’re working on some real long ones 🙂

  • Parto

    again it was tooooooooooooo easy but better than before…thx

  • Parto

    hi carmelo
    could you pleas put tow or three new games because we do new game then shouldwaiting for another and i know its too hard but you can put tow different style games…thx

  • ThePerson

    Decent, but you made several typos in the first sentence of the game and whenever I hover over anything clickable with my mouse, black rectangles flicker on and off.

    • 1. The typos will be fixed for the final version.
      2. What black rectangles are you referring to? Do you have the most recent flash player version?

      • I_RULE

        I have them too! It happens with all the games you make, not other people’s games. I have Chrome so I don’t need to update Flash Player. The OS I’m using is Windows 10 Home.

        PLEASE tell me there’s an IT person on this website…

  • AtomicBow

    Hi Carmel games, noticed you had a couple spelling mistakes. I took a picture to show you. 🙂 Hope you can update it and correct the mistakes.

    • Thank you for notifying us about it. It will be fixed in the final translated version.

  • Princess Calla

    Wohooo this is gonna be so fun!

    • Princess Calla

      It was a little bit too easy, but otherwise it was fun!

      • Thank you Calla we have some future games planned which will be more difficult 🙂

        • dia

          hello i really love your games thumbs up to them

  • A fast walkthrough right here:

    • Renee

      thanx.. it really helped 🙂

  • Vikhyat Agarwal

    one of the shortest and easiest games but good:-D


  • karmen

    carmel next time post your games at mouse city or other websites because snap break won’t work

  • Angela Tinkerbell

    Soooooooooooooo cooolllllll I cant stop playing it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love it sooo much!!!
    Carmel your games are the best!!!!!!!!!!!
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Aarsh Khare

    very short but nice work guys
    Enjoy your holidays

  • Omar Zezo

    I wonder if you guys could make a game with different endings, i bet that would be unique

  • Aishiki

    this is a good game

  • jatin verma

    hi carmel games it would be a pleasure if you release creepo’s tails

    3 or back in time 3

    • We do have plans for a 3rd Creepo’s Tales. A 3rd Back in Time is less likely to take place.

  • pranamika love

    is this games is in other websites…?

  • girlgamer

    Gosh! oh my! how long i didnt play carmelo games? gosh! MY LONG WAIT IS OVER !!! Soooo… I didnt play for 1-5 months i think? and now im back im gonna play it alll fun but EASY FOR ME!!! 7:26 HA!? can you guys beat it up fr me? hahahaha jwk! dnt beat it hahahaha

    • Why would you stop for 1-5 months to begin with?! 😛

    • amit

      it’s like after 3 months but i did it in 6:22 lol

  • Sarah Blommaert

    Its a bit easy but fun too!

  • dtrip

    Hey great game, thanks! I had to look up the walkthrough for the first puzzle (the three symbols one). But I still dont get it = How are we supposed to derive the order of the three symbols ?

    • Hi dtrip,

      The order is derived form the digits in the colors hint (1,2,3).
      The order is as follows:
      1. Blue + Red = Purple shape (empty circle)
      2. Red + Yellow = Orange shape (3 circles with a horizontal line)
      3. Blue + Yellow = Green shape (2 circles)

      • dtrip

        Oh wow, I would never have thought of that! Well done and thanks!

  • egiap

    Can’t believe I just now discovered Carmel Games! I love all of them so much!

    • Thank you! It’s never too late 🙂

  • Ryan

    Hello Carmel games! I love your games!! I think you should do Vortex Point 8 and Maplewood Junior 3. That would be pretty cool. Thanks for fun games!

    • Hi Ryan,

      We will do Vortex Point 8, not so sure about Maplewood Junior 3 though.

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