Mad Head

It’s the middle of the night and the Doc is on a verge of a breakthrough, but first he must get a cup of coffee to stay awake and a chocolate chip cookie (because it’s tasty!). Can you give him a hand?

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  • banana55

    great game 😀
    such a shocking end by the way :’)

    • Thanks, the end is… Original? 😛

  • nice game. pretty short, yet fulfilling.

    • Fulfilling is good, we’ll take fulfilling any day 🙂

  • EscapeGamesWalkthrough

    OMG it’s black Marty!
    Anyways, that’s a pretty dark ending. Doc’s greed doomed them to an eternity of re-living those 5 seconds in a loop. In time they will become somewhat aware that something’s not right, a dreaded sense of deja-vu. But since they only have 5 seconds to process it and act on that realization, they won’t be able to do anything about it. They will never fully comprehend what is wrong with their existence, and their life will become an eternal loop of misery for all eternity.

    • chillybeanie

      Lols, where you see misery, I see the doc has it made! An eternity of coffee and cookies is not the worst loop to be in. 😉


        What coffee and cookies? They are both trapped inside that 5 second loop. Coffee and cookies happened outside that loop.They are reliving those 5 seconds over and over again. Trapped in time. They disappeared from the rest of that time line, and their families will never see them again. Doc doomed their families to a life of misery too, always wondering why they disappeared. Unless some other scientist, one that suspects what happened to them, manages to create a time-travelling device and comes to their rescue. Could that be a possible sequel?

        • chillybeanie

          coffee and cookies is how each loop starts. and I choose to believe the thanks means he consumed them 😀

          • John Jones

            Presumably in Mad Head 2 David will come by to help rescue Keithan.

        • Umta-ta

          if they are trapped in that loop, so is the rest of the world. therefore, nobody will notice they are gone.

    • This is some grim analysis!
      We’ll consider making a sequel to this, based on this plot-line.
      Thanks! 🙂

  • Dora

    It’s so hard to play on mouse city, the games are super slow on the website 🙁

    • Chris

      I’ve been telling them that for over a year, Dora. They don’t seem to care. Nothing’s changed, and they refuse to host on other game sites. 🙁

      • JA

        Talk about entitlement did ever occur to you that maybe your own browser or computer is the problem because I and most other people have no problem using that site.

        • Tanzeer Fatema

          First I also had that problem on my computer but it was not occurring on my other computer

      • We do care, we’ve already replied to this exact claim several times before and we’ll do so again right now:
        Mousecity is our sponsor, they fund us, they pay for the games, they’re the ones making it possible. No mousecity = no games.
        That being said, we DO host games on other websites, hundreds of them to be exact, just not right away when the game is released, but a few weeks after.
        You are welcome to check out profiles on Newgrounds or Kongregate and see for yourself.

    • GeneJacket

      try crazy games! they have all of the carmel games as soon as they come out, i think. and they’re super fast to load too. snapbreak is also nice.

  • Cido Marques

    I loved it, I found it very creative the end of the game

  • Kerri Cunningham

    this one really confused me.

    • I hope you were able to solve it Kerri and that you were only confused by the ending 😛

  • Dave

    It was a funny ending, I hope they don’t make a black hole in the room.

    • We hope so too Dave 🙂

      • Umta-ta

        why not? after about 1.297 repetitions, the time space contimuum gets really annoyed and tears apart, and they find themselves in a different dimension and need to get back to our dimension.

        • Interesting twist Umta 🙂

  • Federico Pons

    Nice ending!

  • gloria jackson

    will there be a part two?

  • gloria jackson

    also is it just the proffesser that’s stuck or is t both of them

    • AlphaWolf

      Both of them

    • Both.

  • John Jones

    Is Keithan the same guy from David and Keithan: The Haunted Lighthouse? If so, maybe David can find a way to rescue them in a sequel.

    • Yes, he is, and yes, if there ever to be a sequel (not likely) that is the preferable plot line.

      • John Jones

        If nothing else, it’s a thought for the future.

  • AlphaWolf

    Your games are always brighten up my days! Thank you for it

    • Thank you for playing! 🙂

  • petroa

    When is the next game due?

  • John Jones

    Any thoughts on when this game gets a viral release?

    • Hopefully this week, waiting for some of the translations.

  • Abby Smith

    When I go on mousecity to play, the graphics pop up and everyone looks like they are talking, but no words ever come out. Its like the game stops as soon as hit play on the homescreen.

    • Hi Abby,
      We’ve just uploaded a new version. Please try again 🙂

  • dandycool

    Clever little game, with smart little puzzles based on awareness of surrounding and using it. Ending was Epic and very creative almost “Twilight Zone” stuff, it was awesome inescapable temporal paradox, Who would have thought.. 😉 (Dr. Who perhaps :p) But awesome stuff game creators Kudos for it , Now that is Creativity.

    • Thank you very much!
      Glad you were able to appreciate and enjoy it so much 🙂

  • David

    You can do a continue to this game. In the next game another person will come to the lab and see them and will rescue them from the time machine, or not?
    I think it will be a good continue.

    • Hi David,

      Yes, this is an idea which has come up several times by now and we’re considering it 🙂

  • Amigas Ever

    Por que os jogos não carregam? 🙁

  • Amigas Ever

    o carmel participou da minha infancia <3

  • Kevin Mask

    nice setting, very confusing puzzles though

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