Make a game (and win prizes) challenge

Happy Monday to you all!
Once again you’re all welcome to join the CG team for the development of one of our games and have your say.
Just like the last time, we’ll be developing a game which you will be involved in its making, starting with the early plot ideas and ending with the testing process and trying the beta before anyone else does.
If you want to see your name in the game’s credits and maybe win a prize, here’s your chance!
The theme for this game is Magic.
It can be a story about a famous magician that takes place in 19th century Europe, or it can be a story like Harry Potter, in a fictional world. Go wild 🙂

What do you need to do

Write your idea/s in the comments below. It can be the basic plot, interesting character ideas, items to collect, how to use these items, etc. Try making your comments as detailed as possible.


The two best and most helpful comments, selected by us (Carmel Games team) will award their writer with one book of his/her choice, from the following list of books:
1. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs
2. Bart Simpson: Prince of Pranks
3. Joyland by Stephen King
4. Goosebumps – One Day at Horrorland by R. L. Stine
5. The Princess Bride by William Goldman


The fine print

We will select the winners on July 2nd. The book list might change if a book becomes out of stock. We ship worldwide, but all books are in English.

That is all, we’re waiting for your ideas, have a MAGICAL week 🙂

  • Sterre Luna Vermeer

    Ooooh I love this idea. So my idea would be:

    A town where everyone has a type of magic. But some types of magic don’t go well together! That is why the town is divided into two parts You will have to collect something to fuse things together. For example Water and Fire don’t get well together. To show them that they CAN work well together you’ll have to get a cup of tea!

    But who is the character playing? Well you are playing a wizard/witch that has the power of mind reading. That is how you know which magic the magician dislikes the most. They live on the edge of the towns and they are one of the only people that knows how to cross (the guard is strong force and he can’t handle people that are quiet well so you give him music or so). You want the division to be gone because you have friends on both sides and you want everyone to live in peace.

    The main goal of the game is to convince the two leaders of the towns (one a strict leader, one an outgoing) to go work together.

    The items you should collect are things that you will have to mix together in a kettle, use spells on from the great book of spells that you own somewhere in your home and all the magical things you want.

    I hope this is good. Can you btw send in multiple ideas? Or advance this idea in the comments below?

    (this was thought of and written in 10 minutes or so xD)

    • Thank you for your comment 🙂
      You can send multiple ideas and add on your previous submissions.

      • Sterre Luna Vermeer

        Alright. Then I will certainly do that!

  • Solène Vlan

    This story takes place during Victorian times, in London.

    Check those out as they are real awesome drawing which could give you an idea of the theme.

    A real magician is using its magic to do live tricks as a day job. One day, a Master wizard finds out about this and decides to cast a spell upon him and remove his powers.

    The story would be a quest, first the magician has to use this type of books to figure out how to become some kind of David Copperfield, the guys knows nothing about prestidigitation then get his powers back as swallowing swords can be kinda tricky when you have no clue how to do it!

    There would be a great assistant too, fearless as she knows she’s safe then… no so secure anymore.

    Playing with the characters here could be really great. The plot could either be sad or funny… whichever way is fine!

  • Britni Dellinger

    The story is set in a medieval village.

    Main Characters:
    Princess – Winifred
    Handsome Prince – Rowley
    Blacksmith – Charles
    Wizard – Arthur

    Other Characters:
    King & Queen

    Gold sword
    Red rose
    Artist’s paint brush
    Loaf of Bread
    Sparkling water

    Object of the game:
    To create a magic potion to transform into a handsome prince to gain the love of the princess.

    Story line:
    You are a mediocre blacksmith named Charles. You here the news that Princess Winifred is soon to be married to Handsome Prince Rowley. You find a wizard that can help transform you into a prince. However, the wizard is lazy and sends you to collect the ingredients needed to make the potion. You must retrieve the gold sword from the knight, Red rose from the gardner, paint brush from an artist, bread from the baker and water from the merchant. You must take these ingredients to the wizard where he makes a special loaf of bread to transform you into a prince. You eat the bread and win the heart of the princess and live happily ever after.

  • Katie Kinder

    I love the idea of magic! So this is my idea-
    A wiccan man named Xavier has a book of his spells/potions/incantations etc.. that he cares deeply for. It is stolen one day from his home. He must use all of his powers and memories of the book to track down who stole his prize possession before he is executed by fire for being a wiccan man.
    The items you could pick up could be: pages from the book, a necklace, ingredients, clues as to who stole the book.
    It would take place in Salem, Massachusetts in the year 1865
    The suspects would include: Xavier’s sister, the preacher, a little kid, the non-believer and Xavier’s black cat.
    It would be a normal Carmel Games point and click game. Have to help people along the way to try and find who stole his book. Would like it to have humor and maybe be time sensitive? Would be a new twist on the game. Also if you find who stole the book before time runs out, the person who stole it would be burned at the stake instead of Xavier.
    Hope you like the idea and keep up the great work on the games guys 🙂 <3

  • Tristan Stump

    You are a wizard named Branson who loves on a small island of witches and wizards. BUT he is bad at magic and is seen as an outcast in the island. He also wishes to be as good a wizard as his hero Merlin. To do so, you must travel to different points on the island and solve various puzzles and over come some cursed traps to collect pages to a special book that will help Branson with his magic. Some puzzles could include giving a angry wizard access to a happy spell, or giving a lovely witch a potion.
    The various witches and wizards on the island should have their own themes: Grass, Animal, Jokes, etc. Various items include potions at a potion shop, stones with spells on them, and Branson’s homemade wand.

    That’s my idea anyway!

  • AtomicBow

    My submission:
    Basic story line: This story is set out in a fairly modern town (ideally a foreign country), where the main protagonist has gone on holiday to, however as he is enjoying his stay and spends almost all of his spending cash, he runs into trouble by breaking a wacky law. (As it is a foreign country, make some wacky laws) In doing so, he receives an extremely large fine or ticket, which he cannot pay due to a lack of money. Therefore, he meets a so called ‘self made wizard’, who claims he must complete a number of tasks for him to undo that mistake.
    After he has obtained these items, he must use them somehow.
    Unfortunately, this does not work and something bad yet funny can happen to him.

    Ideas: For the ending, perhaps he can land himself in jail.
    The lists of tasks are crazy and absurd, such as going shopping for stupid things that are utterly useless to him. (Maybe he completes his shopping list and task, that the fake wizard’s wife set him.)
    Make the characters crazy, like the police officer who hands the ticket.
    After obtaining each or some items, he should say something like, ”Why am I doing this?”.
    Objects: Toilet paper, cereal, small frog, a plunger and a rent-a-movie disc or thing.
    Names: The main character’s name should be Joel or something else.

    I hope you like my submission, it took quite a substantial amount of time to carefully plan it out, but I also hope you can expand your own ideas on it, developing it into the best it can be.
    Say if I or someone else did win, how would we be able to know if we were to win? Can you name the winners in the next blog or post, after you chosen them please?

  • sdi

    A wizard is at a convention when he sees a stand with a particular potion he needs. He therefore has to get payment, which means he has to get it from another stand, who wants something, which he gets from another stand, who wants another thing in order to get it, and so on.
    For the ending, he’ll get his potion, but it will turn out to not work.

  • Ice_Cold_Beer

    Working title: Merlin’s Wand (Yes, that can go multiple directions)

    A few angles to play. This is a well-known myth with recognizable characters. It could be set in 1851, during the Exhibition at the Crystal Palace (starting location). I *think* railroads were being built at the time, which gives plenty of options for multiple locations.

    Locations: London, Stonehenge, Camelot, Glastonbury, Isle of Skye, and (of course) Avalon. lots of opportunities to stick in factoids.

    Characters: A young Morgana (great granddaughter of Morgan le Fey)l Lancelot du Lac, the Lady of the Lake, the knights of Glastonbury (rumored to have found the grave of Arthur), and a dragon. Merlin himself, of course, residing in Avalon.

    Object quests can be as big or small as you want. Some items off the top of my head: Excalibur, the Grail, gold, gems, and Tiny Tim’s crutch.

    The magic aspect could be something along the lines of Habla Kadabla, where he/she can manipulate items remotely. Or decode ancient scripts.

    It’s a pretty broad canvas. I just saw this and thought, “Wow, that would be COOL.”

  • Torrie Johnson

    King athur

  • Gouri

    It can be a search for a magic portion, which can make the magician world famous. so, its plot can be the search for it.

  • Lívia Dai

    What if Merlin lost his magic stick or wand and he entrusts his prentice to find it before a celebration (which is related with something celtic from the middle ages), but there’s one of King Arthur’s maid who wants to prevent the prentice because of something?

  • VirgKiss

    Habla could return again,and this time, someone stole her magical powers.We need her to get them back.

  • Mukta Roy

    this story takes place in a small village.there was a big mansion .the owner of the mansion was a couple with their only daughter.after some years the couple died due to some serious illness. the house was was left abandoned.after that every night the villagers would hear someone screaming and scratching sounds from inside the house.but no one dared to go and solve the magical mystery behind the house ,for those who went inside never came back.the villagers believed that there was some kind of magic inside the house.this is when david and keithan returns to solve the magic and mystery behind the house. first david goes into the house and keithan promises him to meet an hour later.when keithan goes into the house he find david no where . he then explores the house and find a hidden door. he opens the door and finds a cupboard and a box with a letter on top of it written” dont open the door next to this or you shall be my pray”.the cupboard was lock . he then goes to the police station and inquires about the house and tells him about his missing friend david the police tells him to meet the father of the local church .he goes there and learns how to make the potion of destroying the evil magic inside the house.he then goes to the fortune teller to contact with the evil spirits that possessed magic.the fortune teller told that he did not have the ouija board.keithan makes the board and gives it to her.she contacted the spirits . then the fortune teller tells that the spirits want to see keithan for the sake of david.keithan made the magic potion and went inside the house . as he entered that some room he found a note written “please open the door” he opens it and found that the the dead body of the couple were laid there and all the missing people were hanged.he found david tied in a corner of the roomthen suddenly a mysterious spirit appears and tells now ill kill both of you . as soon as keithan sprinkled the potion on the spirit it went to hell.after that they were given a bravery award for solving the mystery behind yhe magical house.

    the after story: it shows that keithan was reading his own personal diary.he realises after that his house was built on the same place where the mansion was used to be. then suddenly the lights turn off and all the missing person appears before him!!!

    • Aura

      interesting plot!

      • Mukta Roy


  • Aura

    the story can take place at mid modern town, not so much of a village, and not so much of a city. in the flashback, a small child named Roald would dream of becoming the greatest magician of the world, and shows the keen interest in magic. but no one supports him. Years later he consults many paper, in hope of becoming a magician. then in the newspaper, he sees a article in which the look out notice for the worlds most famous magic portion is written, it wa s also written to hand over the portion to the officials once a person gets. so, he sets out in search of it, and then the game begins. At last when gets it, instead of handing over it he decides to keep it for himself and uses it, but here comes the twist, he had found the magic portion which had the opposite reaction, which means a spell, and to get rid of it, he had to travel all way again to find the one which heals it.

  • Cris Without H

    I have an idea. How about doing the opposite of a traditional story. You play as a magician (I mean with tricks and such, but no real magic) whose goal in the game is to steal a piece of the art so expensive that selling it on black market would set him for life. The game could take place in early 1890’s in a small town, in places such as museum, the magician’s house, the local inn and such.

    The characaters in the game could be local townsfolk, policemen and other magicians who wish to steal the piece of art. Actually, if one of them had stolen it before us, getting it back could be a nice idea for a sequel, and perhaps a chance for redemption for the protagonist.
    Whatcha think? Be brutally honest. Well, not brutally. But be honest :3


    Game’s name: ‘A dragon’s tale’
    Game’s plot: In the late years of 15 century AD when most of the kingdoms are terrorized by the fearsome dragon ‘Vicious’ and its rider ‘Ramsey’, the oracle foretells that the dragon and its rider can only be killed by weapons like no other. Hearing this the King of England send his best ex warrior turned mercenary “Xander” who apparently has a hilarious sense of humor to kill the dragon.The further story will revolve around him planning, making allies such as trackers, ninja, hunters, archers, magicians and obviously killing the villains.
    To make it a longer game you can add things like head of Medusa to turn Ramsey into stone, cap of invisibility to sneak past dragon and sword in stone to slay the dragon.
    Combinations that can be used:
    1. Oil to loosen sword in stone.
    2. Special clothes to keep Medusa’s head in.
    3. Bucket to milk cow to make chocolate milk to give to the sniper to add him to team.
    4. Money to buy chocolate from market to mix to heat and then mix with milk to make chocolate milk.
    5. Arrows to give archer(he is already in team don’t worry).
    6. A wooden plank and heavy weight to lift a enormous rock that is above the cap of invisibility
    7. Money to buy fortune ball to give to magician

    Ramsey the rider
    Vicious the dragon
    Xander the mercenary
    Merlin the magician
    Aura the tracker
    Edwin the archer
    Kevin the hunter
    Hattori the ninja

    In the end it would be that the dragon was actually a robot from future the rider found on shore of East England and the real rider is still alive(providing you a chance to make a sequel)

  • CherryPie

    The story can take place in a small town in which a normal family lives.The protagonist(You)can be a young teen girl(Because there are more male protagonists than female..or at least i think.)with a thirst for adventure.You always dream of leaving the city but your parents say its far to dangerous.One fine day your parents leave you in charge of the house, as they had some business that was 2-3 days long and needed someone to take care of the house.You assure them you will be fine alone and they go.After a while you start hearing some strange noises in the attic.You go to check and you find a strange portal.You decide to enter out of curiosity.You immediately get sucked in and end up in a medieval town.The portal shuts.Worried you look for help. As you search you hear some villagers talk about a strange dragon living atop the mountains.Interested, you go and ask about it.The villager tells you about how everybody is terrified to go near the mountain as they say anyone who goes never comes back.You say you shall go and face the dragon.The villagers ask who you are and all.They laugh out loud when they hear your story and said there is no way a girl like you can slay a dragon.You decide no matter what you shall slay him.The villagers tell you to go to the king to know more.Another villager tells you to go and talk to wise old man if you want to find a way back

    That was pretty long for an intro i guess..•_•
    but the real thing starts now only.
    Things you must figureStuff that happens as you go to different places

    If you go to the wise old man’s house he wont be there.instead you find a note saying “I have gone to try my luck in fighting the dragon.If i am not to return find the sacred sword and use its power to slay the wicked dragon”You decide to find it.

    if you go to the town, people shall question the way you dress(you are still in your modern clothes) and call you an impostor/or an enemy, they just drive you out.

    If you decide to buy clothes you would not have any money

    if You head towards the castle the guard shall not let you in. He says the king is busy in his chambers.You say its urgent and explain.But the guard says he shall not let anyone in until his friend arrives to cover his shift.

    if you want to go to the mountain , you shall decide to be more equipped until everything is done/or have someone block the way

    that is all i have got. You could add more areas and you can find a guard costume to get in the castle or somehow sneak past him..get some kind of job to get money..on the way you can get certain magical powers/items like an invisibility cloak

    In the end it can be as if you woke up from a dream.:)

    Thanks for reading:)!

  • Ayesha

    wish could get goosebumps but im not good in imagination sorry i know im not creative

    • James Palmer

      There’s no such thing as a wrong answer Ayesha. Go on give it a try. You never know what’s lurking inside.

  • PLOT:

    You rent an apartment from a weird old man. It is a big apartment and the rent is cheap but the landlord has one rule – don’t open the attic otherwise you’ll have to pay a big fine. so of course that’s the first thing you do when he leaves.

    You find a magic book but before you have time to read it an evil wizard appears laughing and thanking you for being so dumb and leaving the magical door open for him.

    He grabs the book from your hand and disappears. luckily you’ve managed to rip page of the book – it contains a magical map that can teleport you to known magical locations (and/or times).

    Now you must search for the evil wizard in those location/times, learning different types of magic along the way (from other fallen book pages or from wizards you meet on the way), in order to retrieve the book before your landlord comes back and fines you (and maybe before letting the evil magician win and rule the world and stuff).


    – If the magic spells will be in a form of musical notes (loom reference) it’ll be awesome.

    – If you’re going to hide genie bottles in this game, you can make it that if someone finds all of the bottles he gets an alternate ending in which he uses a genie to defeat the evil wizard.

    – Referances that can be funny:

    a talking cat (from Sabrina the teenage witch), a rabbit that lives in a hat,

  • Husnul Aulia

    Character: some random girl who work as assistant of magician. (I would glad if she had name Clara) She has work over five years with small wage. The magician isn’t friendly always angry to her whenever she make no mistake at the show. This time she had enough. so she plan to ran away when the magician had his show.

    Plot: For another one hour the show will start. And the girl must find out how to get out from the show.
    Before show, as always magician will tell her to take care his favorite pet mr Kathy (bunny that come out from magician hat when the show). Magician give the girl key for cage. when the girl want to get Mr Kathy from her cage. Mr Kathy jump and gone.
    magician angry and go looking for his bunny. The girl must find clue for opening the magician office. Clue is in the paper that was drop by magician when he ran after his bunny. the girl can go to magician office.

    In my opinion there is two thing that might help the girl.
    1. steal book from magician room. the book contain spell which can make magician unconscious give her money and act like stupid person on the show.
    2. the girl come to magician room to get know how the box magic work. with that knowledge she broke the box magic so when the show start she will get out from the box without magician notice her. (i like this one actually)

    After having book or paper the girl check stage. and then she notice there is a trap door. The girl prepare the trap door with some rope so she can easy to go to under the stage.After prepare that the magician come back with Mr Kathy on his hand. And Show begin.

    For option one, when magician call the girl. the girl bring book of spell and spell to magician. magician become stupid and the girl go to trap box and runaway with cash from magician. The Ending magic show is become a comedian show instead and magician become more famous and rich. The girl just happy with his own vacation

    For Option two: When magician put the girl inside the box. the girl open the trap door and go under the stage. she ranaway. The magician failed his magic. The viewer angry and go home. The magician bankrupt. the girl has her own vacation that far far away from magician.

    Tools :
    -door opener : Password (clue from paper that drop by magician)
    -book spell (option one)
    -Key for Cage Mr Kathy
    -Paper about the magic box
    -Saw for broke the magic box
    -Rope to go down trap door (when show begin trap door is under the magic box)

  • Sterre Luna Vermeer

    So my second entry would be this:

    The story is set in the FUTURE. The world was being terrorized and that’s why the magicians stepped in. They hid for decades but now the world needed them. Every magician has been set as a advisor at the leader of that country. But they don’t want to have a war. So they advice all the leaders to have peace. You know your assigned king is good and wouldn’t hurt a fly. But the people demanded a war from him and now they blame him. They want him in prison! Your goal is to make a list so he can escape safely. Easy peasy righ? Well the deliverer of your book and wand was a bit clumsy and the wand is laying somewhere in the country and the book got delivered with a few pages missing. And those pages are the pages you need!

    You, a Magician, called Delia (girl)
    Delivery boy, called George
    Kid who found your want, called Romeo / Romy
    Old man who found a page and thought it was a paper, called Bob
    King Tristan

    In the castle:
    Throneroom: In this room you speak to the king and you will find a fake crown.
    Gate: Here you find the deliveryboy and his delivery. With him you find scissors.

    Demonstration: At the demonstration you can talk to various people and find out what they want They want food, things for the kids to play with and all that stuff that they can’t do in war. You find the banner here.

    Farm: At the farm you can speak to the farmer. They give you sack with hay in return for a blanket to keep their children warm. (Blanket would be the banner) You can collect some flowers here.

    Old man’s house: Here you find a man that is lonely. He would give you your page in return for something to care for. You can collect some flowers here.

    School: You find a group of children standing around a boy who can do magical things with a stick. YOUR WAND. In return he wants the girl he likes to like him too.

    (This will be edited further when I get back from school)


    Game Name: Stefan the Magic Master

    Place where Game takes place: Texas

    Game Plot: Stefan an alchemist finally makes philosopher stone and starts making his objects of iron and other metal to stone. Excited and enthusiastically leaves the room to call his friend to share his research with them. When his friends and he arrives they found stone is missing and all his notes,blueprints and other inventions are gone too. After one of his friend tells that Luna the witch and his archenemy was lurking around Stefan is sure she would have stolen it as last year when Luna made an elixir of life and it went wrong by turning her into an old woman Stefan made fun of her. The further story will revolve around Stefan sneaking into Luna lab and searching all round town to search the stone which finally turn out to be with his own assistant Michael who wanted to be a billionaire with help the stone.

    Combinations possible in game: Money to buy drink from pub
    Drink to be given to guard of Luna lab so we can sneak in
    Sleeping pills to be mixed with drink so guard falls asleep
    Mirror needed to Lois (Luna’s assistant) so she won’t report to Luna that we were sneaking
    Honey to throw on Michael so he will drop the stone while running away from bees
    Money to buy honey from market
    Hammer found in home to give to transport agency head to hammer the nails in the crate
    Fishing hook and rod from agency head to catch a rare fish
    Fish to aquarium so in return you get fortune telling ball
    Fortune telling ball to Fortune teller so you know that Michael is the thief

    Special Note : Fortune teller will not appear till you have searched Luna’s lab

    Game Characters: Stefan the Magic master
    Luna the rival witch
    Michael the backstabbing assistant
    Karpov the owner of pub
    Lois the self obsessed assistant of Luna
    Kiara the fortune teller
    Nico the Head of transport agency

  • James Palmer

    Love the idea of magic as a theme. The nice thing about it is you have the whole paranormal side of things, but also the illusionist side as well. My thinking is that you could have the main character being an illusionist/conjurer modelled on someone like John Nevil Maskelyne. They were immensely popular in Victorian theatres. So he’d be in a Victorian Theatre, that is bewitched with paranormal goings on and it’s our illusionist’s job to get to the bottom of it. Is it all just an illusion or are there really paranormal goings on in the theatre?

  • Edel Palmejar

    Hmmm Romantic Mystery Theme is kinda in my mind….. My imagination is not that wild to make a game but I’ll try 🙂 How about There is this so called mysterious girl in the intro she is feared by everyone cause she is well weird(My own experience? LOL) Then the game starts with a guy trying to find adventure believing in the saying “Adventure is just around the corner” While in his apartment then he goes out and meets his neighbor to be asked for an errand then accidentally meets the Mysterious Girl but their meeting isn’t nice cause the girl’s rude then a series of events happen but I won’t really put too much info on it(this comment is to long) like leaving to give the neighbor his errand then going to a club where a old couple are fighting over something and such ohh and also meeting kids who are finding their “Sister” Hehe hint tho until he lead the kids into the mysterious girl… she is actually mysterious coz she is introverted….
    I know i’m a hopeless romantic sorry but I want Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children hope y’all like this guys ^_^

  • Marmo

    Ok. The idea is this:

    Rufus is the assistant of the most famous magician, Arthur. He has three years working for him in order to get the recommandation from him but time goes on and on. Arthur’s opal ring where he gets his power is stolen. He lies in bed sick and seeking the help of Rufus. He says that there are three days to find the ring or otherwise he will die. He also says that if he find the ring, he will announce Rufus as an official wizard in the Wizards Hall.

    Places: Since is 19th century, the architecture may be in Victorian style.
    1. The Magic Tower / The tower where Arthur has everything, makes spells and magic and lives there. Rufus has a small room in this tower. Tower also has a bathroom on the first floor.

    2.Wonder Library
    A big library. At the entrance to the library Felix can be found in his desk. He may be a supportive character and helpful with informations or objects.. Somewhere in the library, it is the secret rooms of magic books which will provide great informations ans spells and other stuffs.

    3. Academy of Magic or a Bar
    I am not sure what will happen here maybe young students who want to become magicians can help Rufus. Or maybe a professor can help Rufus. Not sure, just the idea seemed okay.
    And for the bar, it’s typical but I think the interior as a 19th century bar with its time drinks would be nice.

    4. The Purple Wood
    I think this is important for the plot.
    It’s a forbidden and notorious forest. There Rufus sees a doe that speaks to him. There he learns that in fact she is a human turned into an animal by the bad wizard Jasper. She also says that he stole the opal ring. She promises that if he helps her to break the spell, she will help him to find the ring. Also I don’t know, I am not good with romance stories but maybe she will become his girlfriend later. So, again, not sure about the details but I think the love line would be interesting this way.

    5.City market or town market
    A typical open market of 19th century, where Rufus can find and buy the stuffs he wants.
    Also there may be a secret garden with an important object or a puzzle game or something like this.

    6. Wizards Hall
    The place where all magicians and wizards gather, their assembly.
    Maybe this is the place where Rufus finds Jasper, in a secret door of the building, where he makes black magic stuffs.

    So, this is the general idea that came to my mind the moment I read that the theme was Magic. Sure, it needs more details or less I don’t know but i hope it helps!
    Love your games! Keep up the great work!

    P.S. My English is not perfect but i think it’s understandable.
    Thank you. 🙂

  • Sekera Besta


    I’m Sekera and I’m from Tanzania. Maybe we could make a game about a princess, who has fire powers and keeps it from her people and her parents(king and queen). but all of a sudden a frosty ice villain (maybe we could call him Jack Frost or frost freak or something like that, if you would like to choose the second option, maybe he can say’ accent on front back’ like in Swindle. and we could call the princess Lora and the way she can defeat the evil ice wizard(another name) she’ll have to find three things the fire roar, heat stone and the final thing that really she doesn’t need because its inside her. and we could end by saying, why does the queen always get the prettiest damsels. its not fair i want my mommy. i don’t want evil ice powers anymore and oh, and i forgot he has an ice cat sidekick who actually is the good wizard’s cat ready to avenge his last mater. (because he froze him to death). Hope you like it. xoxoxo.Sekera

  • Irenne

    The story takes place in a little village of wizards. The time is today, but you’ll not see many technologic things as magicians are quite retrogrades (except for Zack, the owner of the “Magitech” store, which I’ll talk about later.

    You are the apprentice of the famous mage mr. Fireball. He will be out for the day, and what’s the first thing that happens? You accidentally break his lucky medallion! Mr. Fireball really cares about that medallion, so you’ll have to build another one and hope he won’t notice.

    The locations are:
    – your master’s home & garden: a stainberry bush to dye a part of the medallion that hasn’t got the right color, maybe?
    – the Magitech shop: here Zack sells some technologic objects perfected with magic. Magic and technology sometimes don’t get well together, though, and that’s why you find Zack busy trying to receive DTT with a crystal ball. That’s the moment of the minigame (i suggest a link-the-tubes game with both cables and magic rays, but a puzzle should work too)
    – the village square: I’ve no specific ideas about this, but it’s obviously full of useful objects and quests
    – the home of another powerful mage: a lucky medallion needs some magic in it, you can’t just stick all the parts together and hope for better luck, so you’ll have to bring the non-magic medallion you previously made to that mage and pay him to enchant it.

    I don’t know how it will end, but I think a funny ending would be good.

  • Protagonist: Carmelo himself

    Someone broke Carmelo’s genie lamp and he can’t fix it because he can’t perform magic for himself.

    He goes to a lamp fixer who tells him he needs 3 things to fix the lamp: money to pay, glue to glue and gold paint to paint. Unfortunately, Carmelo has none of those thing and as stated before he can’t conjure them up for himself. So he has to go on a quest in which he’ll have to make people ask him for whishes in which he’ll have to magically make those things as byproducts.

    For example: to get the glue he’ll go to a carpenter’s shop. The carpenter has advertising leaflets which show’s a beautiful wooden treehouse. He’ll take a leaflet and give it to a man with a large tree in the yard. After it’s built he’ll go to that man’s neighbor and show him the tree. The neighbor will become jealous and break the tree house. The owner of the tree house has no money to buy another one so he makes a wish that the treehouse will be fixed.

    now, Carmelo off course can just make the tree house like new with a snap of his fingers but instead he’ll conjure up a couple of glue boxes and fix the tree house manually. After he’ll finish, he’ll be left with one slightly used box of glue.

  • Ice bear

    the story could be set in canada in 1891 i mean i’ve yet to see a game take place there ….and have it be about a wizard named jean houdin ( possibly a french accented VA if possible) who is trying to control time and you a wizard named Ehrich weiss (if you need a last name also use a german accented voice actor if possible for you guys) possibly try to change the future that hasn’t happened yet and you need to collect items like secret hidden gems through different magician themed puzzles like getting one from a dragon a wand carving from a tree and other stuff to protect yourself from the wizard and keeping in mind the fact you like sequels once you collect all the items to protect yourself you could confront the wizard just as he’s jumping into his magical vortex to the future and end the game there with to be continued

  • Protagonist: Carmelo himself

    Carmelo is tired of granting everyone wishes but not being able to wish things for himself or his magical creatures friends. He wants to start a petition called “free the genies” and get the M&M&M (Magic & Mystery Ministry) to allow genies to grant themselves a couple of wishes per year or at least to charge people for wishes so the genies will have money to spend on themselves and their friends.

    But in order for the M&M&M to take his suggestions seriously he has to at least 3 different magical creatures to support him and sign his petition

    For example: the dwarf is in a bad mood and won’t sign the petition because he thinks he is getting shorter then he already is. So Carmelo will have to go to a potions merchant, distract his and peek in his book of potions where he’ll find many potions but he’ll need only one of them (the shrinking potion). He’ll have to locate all the ingredients (rare nut on a high tree, dig in the ground for a special kind of worm, etc.) create the shrinking potion and drink some of it before talking to the dwarf. The dwarf will see that Carmelo is slightly smaller and will think he himself got larger. He will be in such a good mood that he’ll sign the petition.

  • abeer

    summary of my story : Dynamo,the famous TV show magician goes to Switzerland and wants to be famous in the country and is trying hard but the great grand son of Harry Houdini (Nathan) wants to take over his business and is very evil so Dynamo is trying to break Nathan’s evil conspiracy

  • Manuel Lara

    Name of the game: Frogy day

    Neil is a young wizard who tries to make a potion to be irresistible to girls. Unfortunately you make a mistake in the ingredients becoming frog. You will have to find all the necessary ingredients to make the potion that you back your human form . Everything happens in the enchanted forest , where he lives in a house on a tree. You will meet neighbors who seek help , others will try to annoy and even an ogre try to eat him. When you get to have all the ingredients and can regain his form , a young new witch in the woods to present his new neighbor appears , acknowledging that loves frogs. Neil then take a long swig of his initial potion. End 😀

  • Abdullah-almamun Munna

    Hey Carmelgames could u please make a game where a pizza delebery man is trapped in a house with freddy,chica,foxy,bonny and we have to find the secret key to get out

  • Srijan

    See on this blog-


  • Srijan

    Starting STORY-

    It can be start with a girl name “Angelina” of 16-18 years who have topped in the School of Magic.
    One day she was sleeping when she had a dream that her fellow mate of school had taken her all powers by a magical spell which she can’t hear & also she can’t see his face.

    When she wakes up she take a sign of relief, BUT!! then she tried her magic power to brush her teeth but she can’t do that.




    In her house (All Hidden in several self shelf)
    A magical costume that can change into anyones body and face.
    A key
    In Magical police station-
    Fairy goggles
    VIP pass
    In library-
    A magical shock gun.
    In school-
    An magical stick (Hidden behind a book)


    There will be 4 buildings-

    Angelina’s house
    Police Station
    School of Magic


    First the Game starts with Angelina saying- “Hello guys! I’m first in the college and I’m going for a sleep,bye.” Then the above story take place. Then she will go to magical police station and report her case. But the fairy police will ask her to give some Magic penny [ Bribe ] then you (Carmel Game Team)
    can give dialogues to both of them like “what!! You are asking money, bribe, it is a offence”.

    Then she will go to Magistrical Library. She will ask Ms. Ferry (Librarian) that anybody have taken any book of taking anyone’s magical powers then the librarian will say- No!. Then see will go inside the library and will find a book (between several books) where there is a puzzle and when she will solve that then she will get a code. The mini-game should be very hard. Then she will get a code of master magicians.

    Then she will go in her home and take a camera in a locker that will with a secret code and shoot a film of the fairy police and the police will give her anywhere VIP pass which will be used later. Then She will take a stick, handcuffs.

    Then she may go to the college and it will be closed. The security guard will not allow her to enter the college. Then she will show the pass, but, the face does not match so she will use the magical costume and change her body and face into police officer’s body and face.

    Then she will enter the college. She will open her locker with her key (found at home). She will find special library pass and take it to the librarian. Librarian will give her book and there she will see a recipe of a syrup that will tell her that who is the culprit. She will also find a magic stick.

    Then she will go to her house and then her kitchen and she will mix the ingredients i.e. handcuffs, fairy goggles and a magic stick to stir, then a genie will come and say her- “The culprit is the girl’s brother who came second and he had taken his sister’s revenge, you will find him in the School”

    She will go to school and find her brother then he will give her his introduction that he is Barry (Please carmel team you give good dialogues) then he will say-“Wait! I will say a spell that will disappear you” then she will use the gun and shoot and give him a shock. Then she will take the book and get her powers back



  • Srijan


  • Ice bear

    the story could be set in canada in 1891 i mean i’ve yet to see a game take place there ….and have it be about a wizard named jean houdin ( possibly a french accented VA if possible) who is trying to control time and you a wizard named Ehrich weiss (if you need a last name also use a german accented voice actor if possible for you guys) possibly try to change the future that hasn’t happened yet and you need to collect items like secret hidden gems through different magician themed puzzles like getting one from a dragon a wand carving from a tree and other stuff to protect yourself from the wizard and keeping in mind the fact you like sequels once you collect all the items to protect yourself you could confront the wizard just as he’s jumping into his magical vortex to the future and end the game there with to be continued call it something houdini related

  • Pam

    Hi everyone here is my idea:

    History takes place in Japan. The main character is a samurai. The thing is that we are just simply samurai surrounded by magic 🙂 We have to help a young, beautiful Japanese who lost her dragon (it was possibly because he’s still growing). There will be places to go looking for like magic forest where lives elfs, castle of old wizard, pub with mysterious creatures, chamber of alchemist and maybe also rock of ancient dragons where next to lives pastor. I thought that maybe a old wizard in first time wil be very kind to us and willing to help but later we discover that he is the person who stole the dragon because he wants to get the elixir of immortality and he needs tears of dragon so he tortures him in in the basement. We can’t do much because magician casts a spell protecting the castle. It turns out, however, that the dragon is very robust so the sorcerer plans to kidnap his mistress. We of course try to protect her. First we make a trap for the wizard and later we say Japanese that she is in danger. When she finds out who kidnapped her dragon she gets angry and it turns out that she is strong enough to fight the wizard and even beat him. In the end I think she can be grateful for the commitment and go with a samurai on a date. Hope you like something in my concept and sorry for my english, surely there is a lot of mistakes :p

  • zora

    I have only a small suggestion. In the game, the protagonist could be able to use various magic spells with different functions. The player would have to choose which spell to perform in certain situations to move forward with the story. I just think it would add to the element of magic in general. Good luck with the game.

  • Mukta Roy

    oh !! and here’s the locations:
    1)david and keithan’s house
    2)the church
    3)the haunted mansion
    4)the fortune teller
    5)the village park( where they can get the ingredients)

  • Rahul

    Name of the Game : Larry Otter and the Alchemist’s Stone

    Larry Otter is a young wizard who has lost his parents at a young age and was grown up by his foster parents Vernon Parsley and his wife Petunia Parsley and he had a extremely fat cousin known as Badley Parsley.One day, he got a letter from the Logwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry saying that he has got admission in that school but his foster parents does not allow him to go.He was very sad but one night Bagrid the giant came and rescued Larry from his foster parents.

    Harry arrived at Logwarts and soon became friends with Donald Teasly and Mermione Danger.All three of them get sorted into the Gryffin-bore house.After being sorted they meet the Headmaster of Logwarts known as Albus Humblecore and he tells the trio that an unknown man is trying to steal the Alchemist’s Stone which will give the holder eternal life.As they proceed on their journey to find the stone they meet a pampered child known as Ducko Decoy of the Glycerin house who tries to create problems for them.They also meet other student whou help them on their journey.After they have received the stone they are encountered by KIllinus Squirrel and Lord Volde-fart.Larry defeats him and completes his journey.

    End of the Game.

    P.S.I entrust the name of the other characters and the other details to you, carmel games.

  • Abdullah Awais

    It can be a part of Creepo’s Tales in which a man named John and he looks for a treasure in a haunted house. Once he goes in he get’s locked in and then he tries to find a way out . He finds a magic key which opens a key lock by saying a magic word.
    He finds a note which says the magic word and he opens the treasure and finds another map and a code which opens the safe and he escapes.And then the story can be continued if needed to.

  • Abdullah Awais

    It can be a part of Creepo’s Tales in which a man named Johny and he looks for a treasure in a haunted house. Once he goes in he get’s locked in and then he tries to find a way out . He finds a magic key which opens a key lock by saying a magic word.
    He finds a note which says the magic word and he opens the treasure and finds another map and a code which opens the safe and he escapes.And then the story can be continued if needed to.

  • Sz Bettina


    my story take place in a world, where magic became so common, that it’s not a big deal anymore. However, the government sees magic as a dangerous talent, so they control it with very stirct rules. For example, you can’t use magic to manipulate someone, or kill someone, you can’t use it to make yourself wealthy, you can’t use it on any living creature, not even plants. The only appropriate use of the magic is the use of everyday objects. You can use it by housework, or faster travelling.

    The cause of the strict rules of this world spring form the 3rd world war, which took place in 2045. Science was so advanced in these times, they “invented” magic in the rules of physics, chemistry and biology. So this magic can be define in the way of science. For example, telekinesis, mind reading. time and space bending, flying (aka low gravitation) were the improvements of advanced science. But at the moment of these improvements were no rules, how to use properly magic. It spread very fast in the world, everyone learned how to use it. The world, they have known, lost its form. You could do whatever you want, and so begun a war, not between countries, but between humanity. You could trust only in yourself. After five years, the world were in flames and became completly destroyed. And a new era started with a rigid government. One government decided above the people, who left alive. But this was okay for them. An illusion of the apparent peace. They begun to build the new world, and you could live happily, if you played by their rules.

    But something seems not okay. The government hides somethig from their citizen. They watch every single step you take, they are everywhere, and people start to disappear, if they make a little mistake.

    In this story the government is after you, cause you used magic in an illegal way. At the other night you got attacked and accidentally killed your attacker with magic, who wanted the rob you, when you walked home from work. (You are just an ordinary girl/guy, who can’t find her/his place in this very stict ruled world, where only connections and rules matter.)

    Now you have to run away, unless the government will take you and you don’t know, what will then happen.
    You exist now out of law, so your only choice to survive, if you use the magic in an illegal way. You have much to experience, and great secrets wait for you to discover. Why rules the government everything? Where do they take the people? Is this peace only an illusion and there will be a new war? Was the 3rd world war planned?

    When you use magic, you have to use it in the rules of science. You have to collect things to make a potion, which can make fog or thunder. For example, steam or smoke and dry ice can make a really good fog together. You have to discover, which things can be interact each other, to cause serious attack.
    And of course, you can experience the magic in a beautiful way. In natur magic exist in its pure form.

    At the and of your road, you can either win and learn what makes the government so powerful, or you can die. But it can be endless possibilities, you have to decide, which makes you a winner.

    Sorry for bad English, and greetings from Hungary!

  • Arno Gurny

    A game in which you can travel between a couple of countries and you need to reunite people who are in an other country than their beloved ones

  • gloria jackson

    name of game:The Noble
    once upon a time there was an orphan boy who was king Henry’s servant who was picked by Thomas Cromwell . The orphan boy’s name was Jonathon Bruce .One day he was locked up in the dongon because he tells the people at the cathlic church what it actually meant sense it was written in Latin. When someone told they would be burned at the stake,but before they can do so Jonathon escapes .He travels all to way to North america by foot where they force him to be part of their military.After a war with England he meets a beutfull girl who will marry him but he has to run a few tasks for her .He has to get her a gear ,a motor,and a propeller.After he gets the items she make an airplane .She throws him in and then takes off.They land in a magical (glorious ) world where the most unpleasant things are that girls are killed if they dishonor the family. “my family wants to kill me because I was fired from my job Jonathon”.She showed him where she lived.He met her parents in the process which was very unpleasant.They told her to come with them but, Jonathon wouldn’t let them take her because he knew they would kill her.She married Jonathon.He reported her family for being abusive and murderers .The End.

  • good girl

    we can make the game with animes

  • Isabell Siebert

    You are the famous magician Roland and you are in the middle of your show. The next trick is going to be most dangerous trick in the world: Hanging head down from the ceiling, hands are cuffed behind the back, over a water tank full of piranhas. while your beautiful assistant helps you getting in position, she suddenly threads you leave you hanging there, if she will not get more money for the next shows. (Or any other argue) unfortunately, you are pretty broke, so your assistant leaves. You now have to get rid of your handcuffs, get back to the floor while not falling into the water tank.

    view on the water tank
    view to the top/your bound feet
    view to the walls

    my ideas so far 🙂

  • Kimberly Lopez

    Hey, Carmel Games! Here is my idea for a magic-themed game:

    Plot: A magician’s disappearing trick goes horribly wrong when his assistant vanishes completely in a haunted theatre.

    Setting / Background Story: The game takes place in an old, previously abandoned play house that was recently reopened. Back in the play house’s prime, several actors and actresses mysteriously vanished, although nobody ever knew how or why (the disappearances were actually caused by gates, or portals, to another dimension that would open up on the theatre’s stage). Because of this, the theatre was considered to be haunted, and eventually closed down. Many years later, the magician, in an effort to become famous, convinced the town’s mayor to reopen it for his performance.


    – Max a Million (Magician): He is unaware of the theatre’s past and is skeptical about it being haunted. He wants to become well-known and hopes that performing in the theatre will give him the start he needs.

    – Camille: Max a Million’s assistant and friend. She knows about the theatre being haunted and the disappearances linked to it. Thus, she is nervous about performing there. However, she goes along with Max’s plan in order to help them become famous.

    – Old Man (Henry): He is a former custodian of the play house back in the day. He has an extensive knowledge of the theatre’s mysterious background. When he heard that the play house was being reopened, he returned to work there for old time’s sake.

    Object of the Game: The main point of the game is for Max to find and save Camille. After collecting certain objects and talking to Henry the custodian (who will inform him on where to look), Max will have to go backstage (using a crowbar) where there will be two rooms: a storage room and a dressing room. In the dressing room, there will be several dressers with mirrors (only one will be available for the player to interact with). In order to save Camille, Max will have to get the power in that room to work and then replace all of the burnt out bulbs in the dresser’s mirror. To restore the dressing room’s power, Max will have to enter the theatre’s storage room, find a replacement fuse for the fuse box and grab some replacement light bulbs (both items will be located in that room). Once both of those tasks are completed, Max will return to the dressing room, change the bulbs, and turn the mirror’s lights on. Camille will appear in the mirror and, in order for her to get out, Max will need to throw her a rope. Once that is done, the game is completed with the aid of an ending movie / text.

    Items to Collect / View in the Game:

    – Key: to unlock the door to the dressing room and to open the fuse box in the storage room (it will be a skeleton key that opens any door)

    – Camille’s Ring: collectible item; can be found by opening the back panel of the vanishing booth (it’ll be on the floor); returned to Camille at the end of the game

    – Map of Theatre: zoom-in only; will be fastened onto the wall next to the door to get backstage; since it is part of the original building, it will be faded

    – Flashlight: to be used when Max first enters the dressing room; it will act as the only light source in there until he fixes the power

    – Rope: to help Camille climb through the mirror

    – Crowbar: to open the door to go backstage where the dressing rooms are; also used to enter the storage room

    – Fuse / Light Bulbs: to restore power to the dressers in the dressing room; the storage room will have a fuse box and fresh light bulbs; Max will have to replace the fuse and the burnt out lights on the dresser’s mirror (this will open the portal to the other dimension in which Camille is trapped and allow her to be rescued by Max)

    Intro Script:
    [Max a Million and Camille are standing in front of the old theatre looking up at the marquee which reads, “Max a Million, Magician: Grand Opening Performance”.]

    Max: It’s perfect, Camille! Just think – this is our chance to become famous!

    Camille: (Uneasy) I don’t know, Max. I don’t think doing a show in a haunted theatre is a good idea.

    Max: Nonsense! I admit that it’s old, but it’s not haunted. Come on, let’s get ready to perform! Everything will be fine, you’ll see!

    (Time Card) That Night. . .

    [Max a Million and Camille are now standing on the stage in the theatre. A small crowd of people have come to see the performance. Max gestures to a wooden booth on stage; Camille is seen standing inside it.]

    Max: Ladies and gentlemen! For my final act, I will make my lovely assistant disappear! (He shuts the box and waves his magic wand over it.) Hocus pocus! (He opens the booth to reveal that Camille is gone; the audience claps. Max closes the box again.) Now, to make her reappear! (He waves his wand over the booth again.) Abra-cadabra! (He opens the door; Camille is nowhere to be seen; the audience gasps. Max notices that something is wrong and looks inside the box, surprised.) Camille? (Suddenly the lights flicker and eerie, green streaks of light float up from underneath the stage.)

    Audience Member: The theatre is haunted! AHHHHH!!! (The crowd of people run out of the theatre, leaving Max by himself.)

    Max: Wait! Come back! Grrrrr. . .

    [End of Intro; the player can now interact with objects]

    Well, I hope you like my idea! 🙂

  • Harry

    You happen upon a haunted house where there are seven mirrors which hold the spirits of seven
    You must find seven ingredients to create a potion which will release the ghosts. Then when you’ve achieved this, the main zombie ghost does a dance. Based on an actual html5 game I never finished. You are welcome to the idea. Games are fun to make and a lot of hard work.
    I appreciate your work at Carmel Games. My favourite! (you might have to try and load twice).

  • Mirissa Stewart

    Vortex point could deal with an ancient curse that effects the whole town. Or original idea based partialy in greek mythology, Hades has tasked Hecate(goddess of magic) to create a pair of hand mirrors for him and persphone to communicate during the spring and summer. Covers Olympia, the Underworld and Possibly intercept with greek heros.

  • dagmii

    Title: An un-fortun-ate day

    Basic plot: Tealer is a fortune teller at the local funfair. One day when she opens her stand she discovers that her crystal ball is missing. She needs to find it in order to be able to do her job. She has a few suspects:
    Jay Loose- a man who runs a shooting range on a stand next to hers, he wanted to buy off her stand in order to have more space for bussiness (he’s very rude, old, wears dungarees and a straw hat, he resides next to Tealer’s stand so in the same location)
    Vee Shoes- a former fortune teller who was fired for making up prophecies instead of actually seeing the future, she put a curse over the funfair as revenge (she has long dark hair and is dressed in all purple, she resides on Main Street where she offeres people to tell them their future for money, that’s the second location)
    Terra Risin-Tealer’s crazy exboyfriend who threatened to ruin her life after she broke up with him (he is wearing all black, a leather jacket and he is drinking beer in a bar so that is location 3)
    Dave ill- a client of Tealer’s who is angry with her because of a bad prophecy she told him (a middle-aged man, we can find him in his office so that is location 4)


    Funfair: Tealer and Jay’s stands. Tealer’s stand is ruined, the thief left some keys. Tealer can aks Jay if he had seen who ruined her stand and stole the crystal ball but he is too busy repairing his stand to talk.
    Main Street: Vee Shoes is advertising her skills, nearby there is a woman who lost her purse. Vee claims she doesn’t know where the crystal ball is.
    Bar: Terra Risin is sitting in a booth, there is a drunk man near the counter who gives Tealer a a piece of cake. Tealer can also go to the bathroom where she can find a hammer. Terra is very rude during the conversation, he doesn’t admit to stealing the ball.
    Dave’s office: Dave is sitting in one desk, a woman is sitting in another. On a pile of notes Tealer finds a note advertising a thrift shop. Dave says he doesn’t know where the crystal ball is, the woman says she is too hungry to talk.
    Thrift shop: there is a lost and found box but the shop assistant doesn’t want to show it to Tealer.

    Some interactions: the purse that belongs to the woman from Main Street is in the lost and found box, the cake from the man from the bar can be given to the lady from office in exchange for information, hammer from the bar can be given to Jay (he can repair his stand with it and give some information about the thief), keys found on Tealer’s stand can open a drawer in Dave’s desk where she can find tickets to Jay’s shooting range, Tealer can put something to Terra’s beer so that he may feel sick and go away leaving his backpack.

  • PistolRiver

    Grounded teenage wizard Trent is trapped in his giant interactive magical home with his talking black mouse Whisk and Aunt Hill. His teenage sister is in a room and she won’t let him near her sorcery books, which hold the secret recipe to combine items in the house to create a spell that causes the carpet in the living room to fly, which is Trent’s escape route out his bedroom window to the High School Prom. Can take place in the 1950’s America to present modern-day.


    Game’s title: Ogre destroys the day

    Game’s protagonists: Bart the ogre
    Quentin, Merlin’s assistant
    Merlin the master wizard
    Kara the witch and Merlin rival
    Gora the golem and Merlin’s bodyguard
    Donald, Kara’s assistant
    Drac and Vlad the vampire brothers

    Game plot: Bart the ogre has tried a lot since his birth to be nice so people will accept him but with continuous rejection he turned to the ways of evil and on the path to destruction of Earth. But in his path stands Merlin the master wizard. Can Bart fulfill his plan or Merlin will save the day. To Know more read the story below.
    Bart will have to take the help of Kara the witch and Merlin’s enemy and take out Merlin and vampire brothers who guard the ring of destruction with which an entire civilization can be destroyed like crushing an ant with a boot.

    In-game combinations:
    Money (pick pocketed) to buy Crucifix and UV torch to take out Vlad and Drac
    Frog eyes and dragon scales at Bart’s home to give to Kara for potion making
    Potion to take out Merlin after defeating Golem and bribing Quentin
    Phoenix feathers at home to give to Quentin so he will tell you the weakness of golem
    Money (pick pocketed) to give to Donald so he will let you meet Kara
    Magnet and thread from Pub to attract needle at backside of cabinet
    Needle to kill Golem on his weak point

    what happens afterward is your choice

  • Sairah Qamar

    A great magician Alan made a love potion for a friend of her so that she shall marry him but something went wrong . The main ingredient was missing . what shall he do now ? There was another boy named Sam was going but suddenly trapped in Alan s trap . Alan cursed Sam and made him a monkey and said that until unless Sam wont bring him that thing he shall not be able to become human again .Alan also said that he has to find the ingredient before the dawn , so he had so less time . So the Sam [owl] is on the way finding that ingredient . he went to a house it was very creepy . he talked to those people and they said that they will help him but however he got to know that this family loves eating owl and he escaped . The time was running out . He found a girl named Elsa . She helped him in finding the potion . at the end Sam gave that ingredient to Alan and he was normal like before . When the girl saw Sam s real face she fall in love with him and they got married

  • Hazel

    Game Title: Fairy University

    Meghan is a young fairy and she is graduating at Fairy University. Her instructor, Mr. Boiles, has given her the last task she has to do. If she doesn’t do it, she’ll lose all her magic power and will be sent to planet Earth, the most boring planet her people have ever heard of. (But, her planet isn’t very normal either. It is full of magical creatures (from myths, legends, stories) and they all have lost their minds completely. Zeus likes playing games on his iPad, Mrs. Cupid can’t live without chocolate and Dragon is learning to be a DJ, but is missing a record)
    The task is to get him:
    – Dragon’s egg (He will give her an egg if she manages to find him a record)
    – Mrs. Cupids bow and arrow (In this case, to get that, you need to find Belgian chocolate and bring it to Mrs. Cupid)
    – Zeus’s trident (In his game, to pass a level you need a secret code which can be found in a safe (which is open by a code (numbers for the code will give you the dwarf in a forest if you can solve his puzzle)))

    The end: When you give Mr. Boiles everything, he gives you a diploma which says that now you are an official fairy.

    *MEGHAN: She has long ginger hair, small transparent wings (like in a fly) and a one-piece costume.*

    *MR.BOILES: He is a very old man in a cape. Looking like an old wizard, but he has a golden chain around his neck.*

    *ZEUS: He is sitting on his throne, looking at his iPad while playing a game. *

    *DRAGON: Big dragon. But only dressed as a rapper. Standing behind his DJ table.*

    *MRS.CUPID: A fat old woman, dressed in pink with a pink hat. Sitting in her sofa while her desk in front of her is full of chocolate paper and leftovers.*

    PLACES: 1. Mr. Boiles’ stone cave 2. Green market (where you can find belgian chocolate, but can only buy it if you pay 4 golden coins, which can be found hidden in grass in some PLACES) 3. Dwarf’s forest 4. Zeus’s throne 5. Mrs. Cupid’s office 6. Dragon’s DJ island 7. Record shop

    This is a short plot of my game, and some descriptions. I haven’t written all the plot, but if you like the theme of my game and chose me, I will write you everything.

    This is just to know what the game is mainly about.

  • Akshat Patel

    PARENTS HUNT-BY-shubham patel
    The story can be of future where a boy named allen who lives in a cottage is curious to known who are his parents . After asking about his parents in the cottage he came to know that his parents left him in the cottage with a box ,a locked and a paper saying if you are reading this then you are finding us and we will met you at the dark cave and then a new location unlocks the dark cave but you can’t go their because you don’t have anything to go their,Then he use the box which is a puzzle and from the box comes a hover jet. Then with the help of his hover jet he goes to the dark cave and from their he finds that the dark cave has a gate which is closed and it has a hole and a button in it when he press the button a hologram appears saying that you have to find 3 pieces to unlock the cave door and giving him the map where he can find the pieces then on reading the map he known’s the the pieces are hidden in three places 1 His cottage then two new location unlock -1 The sky cafe and 2 The laser lauch and then he goes to the sky cafe and he sees a manager he talks to him but he can not talk because his throat is choaked so then he goes to the laser lauch where he finds a party going on and when he try’s to talk to anyone no one could here because the music is two loud so he unplug t the music system the dj again plugs it so then he finds a knife on the counter the he cuts the wire with the knife and then when the dj touch that he faints and then all the people go back then he talk to the manager and he gives him a key and the he takes a juice from their and gives it to the manager and the manager gives him a key and then he goes to his cottage back and he finds a hidden room their and find two boxes their in which the two key given by the manager fits then he finds the pieces their and he goes back to dark cave and put the pieces their but one piece is still missing but the missing pieces is his locked itself he put the locked their and the door open’s and he goes into the dark cave their he finds a broken ufo and come to known the his parents and he our alliens.

    lives in dehradun india
    NOTE- AKSHAT PATEL is the accounts of my brother but it is created by SHUBHAM PATEL

  • am88

    A guy with a second voice in his head and the voice tell him to do things

  • Mahika Khanna

    My game goes as follows:-

    The main protagonist is in search for a secret spell, it is a magical world in which everyone is capable in doing over some degree of magic, any one who discovers the secret scroll containing the spell can have the power of god recently the approximate location had been determined our protagonist being only 16 has to go through a series of hardships ( which could be a series of games) finally after he finds the spell he performs it and finds out that the spell just creates a mirror and he is very disappointed……. later he realizes the to be the greatest wizard of all, all u have to do is believe in ur self…. if u like the game idea Mr.Malka pls reply as i have almost designed the whole game….if it is a good concept i will later elaborate each and every thing…..

  • Eillie Shi

    An idea for a character could be a hobo. The hobo wears wacky colours and has one blue and one brown eye. He could tell the future or could just be a bit crazy like crazy dad 🙂

    • Eillie Shi

      He could be the main character in the story and need to trade the things he gets for something really expensive or nice 🙂

  • Amir Pozegic

    The protagonist is a girl called Lily (aged around 8 and 10),she always dreamt of being a fairy.One day,her mom bought her a fairy set that included Fake Wings,Fairy Dress and ofcourse,Wand.Tommorow when her mom went to work,she played with her set,but the wand was magical after all…She teleported herself into Fairy-land,but she couldn’t get back cause she needed more magic for teleportation spell,only thing that could get her more magics were magic glitter crystalls and that crystalls were kept in wicked fairy ruller’s castle,who plans onto getting Lily’s wand and breaking it so she can never leave,but her plans won’t go too well.On her journey,Lily will meet another fairy,Kimmy,who wants to defeat evil fairy ruller.

    End of the game: The evil fairy ruller was turned into an gold-fish by Lily and Kimmy,thus the good one was set free,so she gave Lily some magic glitter crystalls and Lily returned home just in time for her mother comeback,She told her mother everything,her mother smiled and said “Interesting dear,isn’t imagination your best?”.Lily said “Ofcourse mom” and looked at the wand,who shined…

  • disqus_laxKYLX0AA

    A cheeto with tiny hands and huge (yooge) hair escapes from the Vortex Point Home for Deranged Snack Foods and tries to take over the world, but really just says a bunch of crazy stuff. It’s up to the team to track him down.

  • jinglebell2

    This is a MAGICAL town. A town of wizards and witches.

    There are 5 characters for the player to choose from; each one with a unique personality.


    First we have, Alice, who represents air. Full of ideas and energy, she is the life of the party. She tends to be the happy pill, but she can be considered naive and spacey.

    Second, Wyn represents water. She is the peacemaker of any group. Like her element, she is able to extinguish flames (of negativity). However, she prefers to go along with the flow and can appear rather lackadaisical at times.

    Third, fire is represented by Finn. He is hotheaded. Almost always the first to take on a new adventure, he often runs into trouble. It is not all bad, as he proves himself to be brave and spontaneous.

    Fourth, we have Edmund for earth. He is practical and cautious. He plans ahead, and gets things done. A symbol of stability. Some think that he is too rigid for his own good, or even boring.

    Fifth is Sally, representing spirit. Being an understanding person, she listens and sympathises. She tries to accommodate everyone, but some see her as a pushover as it is difficult for her to reject.

    Each of them have a special power, and they must use that particular power to try to save their world. This magical town has been infiltrated with a gang of villains, who wish to gain control over the people (the wizards and witches actually).

    In this particular quest, they must obtain items to make their wand, and find the spell. When used together, the villains would be tossed to outer space immediately.

    The spell can be found in their houses, from the Book of Spells passed down from the previous generations. This book is present only in the houses of extraordinary wizards and witches.

    Of course, each of them must find items that correspond to their element. For example, Edmund (earth) must find pollen grains or Alice (air) must find helium. The following are some ideas:

    Air- helium (Alice’s kid sister’s balloon), nitrogen (her neighbour’s farm) etc.
    Water- rain droplets (Wyn’s window) etc.
    Fire- sticks (Finn’s backyard) , paper (his father’s office), candles (his school’s corridor) and gas
    Earth- pollen grains (Edmund’s grandmother’s plantation), nickel (the town’s museum), mud etc.
    Spirit- old painting (Sally’s attic) etc.

    Situated in the same town, the places are free to be visited by all the characters regardless whether they require an item there.

  • jinglebell2

    This is a MAGICAL town. A town of wizards and witches.

    There are 5 characters for the player to choose from; each one with a unique personality.


    First we have, Alice, who represents air. Full of ideas and energy, she is the life of the party. She tends to be the happy pill, but she can be considered naive and spacey.

    Second, Wyn represents water. She is the peacemaker of any group. Like her element, she is able to extinguish flames (of negativity). However, she prefers to go along with the flow and can appear rather lackadaisical at times.

    Third, fire is represented by Finn. He is hotheaded. Almost always the first to take on a new adventure, he often runs into trouble. It is not all bad, as he proves himself to be brave and spontaneous.

    Fourth, we have Edmund for earth. He is practical and cautious. He plans ahead, and gets things done. A symbol of stability. Some think that he is too rigid for his own good, or even boring.

    Fifth is Sally, representing spirit. Being an understanding person, she listens and sympathises. She tries to accomodate everyone, but some see her as a pushover as it is difficult for her to reject.

    Each of them have a special power, and they must use that particular power to try to save their world. This magical town has been infiltrated with a gang of villains, who wish to gain control over the people (the wizards and witches actually).

    In this particular quest, they must obtain items to make their wand, and find the spell. When used together, the villains would be tossed to outer space immediately.

    The spell can be found in their houses, from the Book of Spells passed down from the previous generations. This book is present only in the houses of extraordinary wizards and witches.

    Of course, each of them must find items that correspond to their element. For example, Edmund (earth) must find pollen grains or Alice (air) must find helium. The following are some ideas:

    Air- helium (Alice’s kid sister’s balloon), nitrogen (her neighbour’s farm) etc.
    Water- rain droplets (Wyn’s window) etc.
    Fire- sticks (Finn’s backyard) , paper (his father’s office), candles (his school’s corridor) and gas
    Earth- pollen grains (Edmund’s grandmother’s plantation), nickel (the town’s museum), mud etc.
    Spirit- old painting (Sally’s attic) etc.

    Situated in the same town, the places are free to be visited by all the characters regardless whether they require an item there.

  • jason2003gamer

    Caroline from vortex point opens the box with the doll and Kevin is at Bahamas and greg at his aunt at Greece (i know I know…).However you need to destroy the doll and return the peace on the town of Vortex Point

  • jason2003gamer

    im so sorry didn’t read the description :-[

  • Rahul

    Carmel , I gave a story plot for your make a game challenge but disqus has detected it a spam.
    Please do something.They are saying that I have written the same name several times.
    But they have to understand that it is a plot for a game,so there is no way I can give you a plot without writing the name of the main protagonist several times.
    Please do something.

  • Rachel H

    The story is about an older woman who lives with her granddaughter. We can call her Inga. (I feel that it is much more interesting to have it come from the perspective of the grandma, because you haven’t had that perspective in many of your games.) She lives in a small magic village in Norway. A big technology called CTECH (logo can be evil Carmelo) is beginning to take over the town. Everyone is using technology instead of magic. The game can start by Inga walking into her house, to see her daughter using her newfangled CTECH smartphone to “carmelo chat” (snapchat) her friends instead of using magic to talk to them using holograms. Inga orders her granddaughter to use magic instead of Carmelo Chat. She agrees, but is very annoyed. But when she tries to use magic, she isn’t able to. She shrugs it off and goes back on Carmelo Chat, but Inga is very angry. She decides that CTECH must be stealing the magic! She suggests this, but her granddaughter just laughs. Inga decides to go get the magic back from CTECH.

    She is then able to exit into the map of town. For the moment she can go to main street, back to her house, the CTECH factory, the senior center, or the wizarding store. Later in the game, once you will learn the address, you will also be able to go to the CTECH headquarters.

  • Mukta Roy

    when will you announce the name of the winner?

  • CherryPie

    when are you going to be announcing the winner?

  • Sairah Qamar

    when are you going to announce the winner?

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