Maplewood Junior High – Walkthrough

1. Go to the end of the computer lab where you will find the three windows.

2. Click on the hanging bookshelf. You will receive the Multimedia 96 Rocks diskette and


3. Go to the first room of the computer lab with the “Out of Use” computer. Use antennae

on the paper above the metal cabinet.

4. There is a riddle on the paper:

Maplewood Junior High Walkthrough

Use the number 125 on the lock.
From the metal cabinet, take the vacuum cleaner and a tennis ball.

5. Go right to Oak’s and Arlene.

6. Use vacuum cleaner on Arlene’s backpack, you will get Arlene’s note on global warming.

7. Go to the third part of the computer lab, where Miller is working.

8. Open both front windows. In the farther window you will find an egg.

9. Use the tennis ball on Miller. Take microphone and riddle.

10. The riddle answer is 21080:

Maplewood Junior High Walkthrough

11. Click on the computer that needs password and type in 21080.

12. Go to the lab’s entrance and sue the egg on the broken hot computer.

13. Click on Oak eating omelette, you will get a screwdriver.

14. Go to the second room and sit at Oak’s computer. Use screwdriver on Oak’s monitor and solve
the puzzle.

15. Use Multimedia Rocks 96 Diskette on Oak’s computer to install it.

16. Click on the Text button to copy Arlene’s notes.

17. Click on the Record button.

18. After the ghost prank, you will receive Miller’s photograph book.

19. Use the Book on the Scanner.

20. Get back to Oak’s computer and click on the clipart button.

The end!

Walkthrough By Tathagata Roy Chowdhury

  • Maanasa

    Hi Carmel Games….. loved the game!!!! what is your next game ?????

    • Carmel Games

      Our next game is Vortex point 5.
      Release date is scheduled for October 31.

    • Grace

      Why don’t you make a game that you can play on ipad?

  • anudeep

    A very clear walkthrough!

  • Tathagata

    Hello Carmelgames, thanks for including my name, and also for adding those riddle pictures and letting me help you to write the walkthrough.

    • Carmel Games

      Thank you for your help Tathagata.

      • can i also write walkthrough for you please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Aadhav

      Tathagatha, are you and Indian? I’m asking this because it has been written ‘Walkthrough By Tathagatha Roy Chowdury’, and Chowdry or Chowdury is a common Indian surname for north Indians.

      • Renee

        I am an Indian, too…

  • lola

    Hello Carmel I love every vortex point game that you made 😉

  • Jessy57

    I knew it that vp5 would be released in hallowen’s day 😀

  • thx for the walktrough love your games

  • how do you put smily faces

    • reem


      • reem

        press : then D for 😀
        and : then ) for 🙂

  • dallas nebeker

    hey i had an idea to where you are a superhero and you have to save your dreamgirl from a evil man plese tell me you like my idea or not

  • dallas nebeker

    i had an idea to where you are a superhero and you have to save your dreamgirl from a evil villian please comment back

  • ALI

    I’ll your games .i a big fan of yours and that’s
    a perfect point and click game

  • jj

    hi carmel games i love your games and keep making them

  • jj

    hey can u tell wheres the egg

    • Support

      Open the class window.

  • I added a walkthrough video, a bit too late but still 😀

  • ivo

    Para cuando traducido a español?

  • Rei

    Hi carmel so what game next to Vorex Point5?

  • this game is very good .

  • Jamie Hamilton

    WOW, CARMEL Games!! I love your games! I have a few suggestions for it, though.
    1. What happened to the Carmellos? You know, the hidden logos. Its very nice to see, even if its just a picture of a purple genie.

    2. I like the idea of the picture being in ‘Carmel’ version, but i think it should be taken one step further, and instead, you can put ANY picture you want, [eg.paintings, funny pictures, etc.] Although this could probably be impossible, if you could do it, I would really appreciate it.

    3. I have TONS of ideas for games, One of it is, I think you should make a game with all of carmel’s characters [eg. Crazy Dad, Vortex Point, Back in time, etc.], and the villians in the games are there, too, and they each use their unique assets to help each other out of their pickle. [eg., Crazy Dad could bring his kids to annoy and distract some guards, etc. The NEXT one is that I would appreciate it if a character was Indian [my country] or ANY other country, besides US. No hate for it, but it would be nice to have ANOTHER setting, like example, for Indians, the setting would be that they would be doing prayers, eating roti, etc. Which brings us to the NEXT plot. Frankie, the narrator, is sitting in the dining room, surrounded by his family, them eating breakfast. Suddenly, his family has to go to the doctor’s, and he is left with his baby sister, who won’t stop crying unless the whole family is there, and he takes her to see the family, but they’re stuck at traffic, then finally, he decides to walk when the traffic takes too long. He then becomes stuck in a rowdy neighborhood, in which he has to use his wits to pull some strings to FINALLY reach the doctor’s. He also has to play some mini-games at the doctor’s so he can finally reach his family, because he doesn’t know the room and no one will tell him. When he finally reaches the doctor’s his family already headed home. He finally plays a last mini-game where he retrieves his car, but the parts are all gummed up, and he has to re-arrange them properly. Finally, he reaches home and his sister stops crying, and finally, they all continue eating breakfast together.

    4. How come none of your game have females as the main character? That would be great, because females generally know the sense of fashion [back in time 2] they also have phone, where they can contact friends from twitter, facebook, etc. Females are also commonly described as they dont like to do he dirty work. In public, anyway. So, the females more than enough makes up for in wits, which the players will NEED.

    5. How about a GIANT game, FILLED with mini-games, SEVERAL protagonists in where you can choose who you want to be, even throughout the game, because each protagonist is going to be needed throughout the game. Can you name a protagonist after me if you do decide to use my idea?

    6. I think there should be a child protagonist [8 yrs, 9 yrs, etc.] since children can run fast, know how to play games, and can charm and distract people, and i think it would make an interesting story line. Children also have something that teenagers like me dont. Perkiness, for example. I think it would be great

    7. I think you should change your comment section so that ANYBODY, whether they have a twitter,fb, hotmails account, etc. they probably dont have it, and probably wont be up to make an email just to put a comment. That was how i felt at first, and i had a lot of great ideas, but didnt want to make an email. Now I have a twitter account, since my friend thought i was funny and thought that i should tweet about it, and he made he account for me since i didnt have the energy, and wasn’t up to it. Unfortunately, I forgot so much of the ideas, but hopefully, I’ll have more in the future.

    8. FINALLY, I hope you consider these ideas, I’ll be thrilled, and if you don’t it won’t matter much, as long as you keep making great games! Waiting for VP5!

    • Hey your 4 suggestion is good idea I also think that thing.

      • Jamie Hamilton

        Thank you

  • Jordan Vreetill

    WOW! That comment just made my day! I agree about the carmellos, female protagonists, the GIANT games with Carmel’s own superheroes……………………… but the plot about Frankie, and the other ideas for games, just blew me away, like the example from Crazy Dad’s kids.

    Very nice work.



  • Jordan Vreetill

    Your comment made my day!!! And your ideas for games and that detailed plot about Frankie was great!
    Very nice work.

  • Jamie Hamilton

    Thank you! 😀

  • Renee

    Guys… Why don’t you make games for Android or windows??? It would be awesome…. I have a windows phone….

    • Jamie Hamilton

      I have windows and I can still play it……………

      • Renee


  • Grace

    Please can you put my name in one of your games by the way it is Grace

  • Tathagata

    Where is the next weekly update, it is already 23rd wednesday.

    • Carmel Games

      We will publish it on Friday or Saturday.

      • Grace

        please reply…

  • chloe

    when will ur next game be released?i cant wait anymoreT.T

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Chloe,

      Our next game (Vortex Point 5) will be released by October 31st, just in time for Halloween 🙂

  • Hi Carmel Games,
    Because VP5 is going to be released really soon next week, are you going to post your weekly updates this week? And what will be the game after VP5?
    Many thanks,
    Meena 🙂

  • avital

    Hey, when translate the new games?

  • zaina ashfaq

    I CAN NOT WAIT TILL VP5 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tehila

    hi! you can to do “Maplewood Junior high – Multimedia rocks” and “Dakota Winchester’s Adventures 2”
    in hebrew?

    • Carmel Games

      Yes, we will translate both game, I hope we will be able to upload it next week.

      • tehila

        ok! thank you! you can translate a other game?
        exmple: crazyville and look?

        • Carmel Games

          Hi Tehila. Unfortunately we can’t translate our older game, but we are planning a remake to Luke, so we will be able to translate it.

          • tehila

            ok thanks

          • tehila

            you say you traelanse Maplewood Junior high – Multimedia rocks and you dont do it.
            when you do it?

  • BeardOJustice

    I am trying to put the password in on the admin computer but it won’t let me am I doing something wrong?

    • Carmel Games

      Which password did you try?


    Carmel, I just want to ask a question please. The question is that when will you make SKIP AROUND THE WORLD when Skip reaches Pakistan. I waited for that for so many days. please reply soon

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Ahmed,
      For the time being there won’t be another Skip game, there will be in the more distant future.
      However we did get many requests for Pakistan so we will considerate it as a preferred destination 🙂

  • kevin als semlim

    When Creepo’​s Tales 2 come?

  • when will vortex point 6 come ?


    • Carmel Games

      Thank you Lalala!!! :mrgreen:

  • i am an indian too
    i loved the game u made carmel game

  • Harshal

    Can you translate your games in hindi? if yes, SHUKRIYA!!!

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