Midnight Spooks 1

Welcome to Mr. Spooky’s Museum of the Weird. There are many interesting things on display, but one exhibit is kept locked in the basement. Tonight, Jacob, Noah and Mason, are about to find out why.

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Video Walkthrough

  • That was a fun game. Loved the ending. thanks :).

    • Thank you very much Uri 🙂

  • andrea

    Fantastic game! The end surprised me a lot! XD It was worth to wait! 😀

  • EscapeGamesWalkthrough
  • Laura Peña

    Ha! I was not expecting that ending. It was really fun. Thanks for your hard work, guys!

    • Thank you for playing Laura 🙂

  • Joe E Dangerously

    How were we supposed to know what direction the levers were supposed to be? I had to check the walkthrough.

    • iTwixie

      The levers point to which way the water will flow, you’re trying to lead it from the faucet thing in the leftest map to the tap on the map with the door to the basement

  • Muaviah Mapara

    hahaha! another amazing game carmel games. love it, keep it up cg.

    • Thank you very much, glad you liked it 🙂

      • Muaviah Mapara

        when will u release faraday’s flaw

  • GREAT MUSIC!!!!!

  • I want to know who is behind the forbidden door and that’s mean… MAKE A SEQUENCE OF IT

    • It is Old man Stanley. He used to chop trees, but then he went insane and started to chop other things…

      • yeah know that requesting to a new sequence , great game , music too, keep it up

  • Kerri Cunningham

    Thanks guys, great way to start summer after a exam.

    • Thanks! Have a spectacular summer 🙂

  • adi

    Finally!! 🙂 THANKS.

    • Thank you for playing 🙂

  • Flowlover

    Amazing job guys!
    I literally feel how much care you’ve brought to this game – art is astonishing, puzzle are thoughtful with a decent difficulty; the story is simple yet entertaining with ending that is both curious and unexpected; jokes are hilarious, i love your puns!

    Great job guys! You really know how to make a fabulous game!

    • Thank you Flowlover, it was a true pleasure to read your comment 🙂

  • David

    Finally a new game!!!

  • David

    I see you also changed the logo

  • DaGeniusGamer 360

    YA YEE amazing game

    • Thanks, glad to hear you liked it!

  • NM

    Fantastic!! Thank you! The “dark” ending and “BS” in the dialogue shows your games are now primarily for a grown-up audience 😉

    • Glad you liked it. That particular game is indeed for more mature audience, we’ll add a notice at the beginning of the game.

      • NM

        So when can we expect Midnight Spooks 2?

  • Umta-ta

    very nice game, although remarkably simple for a carmel game. can’t wait for the sequel. but that head thing was gruesome.

    • Thank you for your feedback, we’ll keep it in mind.

  • FTW

    there are way too many ads on your site. its slowing down the game making it unenjoyable.

    • Hi FTW, we do not own, so there’s not much we can do about it, but either way, those ads allow us and other game developers to distribute their games for free.

      • Oldmanmike

        Any chance you will distribute it to other than mouse city? See my reply to this comment above

        • Midnight Spooks will be released on Newgrounds and Kongregate soon.
          Our latest games was released on a different site.

          • Oldmanmike

            YES! I played it a little after and it was as SMOOTH as butter baby! Good game, a little easy, but it played with absolutely no lag or glitches. Thanks.

    • Oldmanmike

      Agreed. Another page I frequent (and also has quite a few ads) has some of the older carmel games on it and they play with zero issues. Mouse city seems to reload new ads every 15 seconds so it’s clunky on a slower PC.

  • Marilynmanson lover

    AH COOL COOOOOOOL I LOVE HORROR GAME but i have question all murdered?

    • No, some will be with ghosts, demons, cursed objects etc.
      I’m glad to hear you enjoy horror games 🙂

      • Marilynmanson lover


  • Colin Burke

    I see another pyramid with an eye. Another connection to Vortex Point and The Gatekeeper?

    • There must be some kind of conspiracy!! 🙂

      • Colin Burke

        Question: is there a hidden “under-plot” running through all (or some) of your different game series that will ultimately culminate in one giant super-game?

        • PsilocinTHC

          That’d be pretty cool man.
          Sort of like the Kevin Smith movies.

  • SliffTiff Baca

    Loved this game!! You guys have seriously brought so much entertainment to my life. Thank you for all of the fun 🙂

    • You made us so happy 🙂
      We wish you only the best, and keep on smiling!

  • anushka

    wow! it was spooky! but what was behind the door? a serial killer?

    • It is Old man Stanley. He likes to chop things…

  • been waiting for a new game.
    bytheway, will there be another episode of Vortex Point soon?
    It’s my fave of all. 😀

    • We will have VP9 for sure, but not until 2018.

  • Philip

    Wow! Pretty crazy!
    -Crazy Dad

  • John Jones

    Well, figure we’re getting a sequel to this game – at least not with these characters… Wow, that was fun.

    • The next game will indeed feature new characters, and it will take place on a different location.

  • giannhs bobolakhs

    pierre hotel part 2?

    • Nope, but I really hope to write it one day.

  • tanny99

    game was fun and spooky…… enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!

    • I Hope it wasn’t too spooky 🙂

  • KingVip3r

    Approximate date for the second?
    Great game!

    • In about 7-14 days.

      • KingVip3r


  • TJ

    LOVED it!! From the puzzles to the unexpected ending… of course, I also enjoyed Mason’s jokes!!

    • It’s good to see you here 🙂
      Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. We love these kind of silly jokes too 🙂

  • Beatriz Maria


  • Beatriz Maria

    traduzam, coloquem o jogo ja traduzido por favor

  • David

    You are Israeli, so why do not you translate the games directly into Hebrew and advertise the games in Israel?

    • Hi David. We do translate our games to Hebrew, and you can find most of them at
      or at

      • David

        I mean, why you don’t translate to Hebrew when you publish the game, why we need to wait for the translation, you are Israeli…

  • Beatriz Maria

    Vocês estão esquecendo de colocar tradução nos jogos!!! Estou ficando brava com isso… QUERO TRADUÇÃO EM TODOS OS JOGOS POR FAVOR!

    • Fernando Miyatake

      Olá, Beatriz! Sou um dos tradutores voluntários da Carmel Games.
      Traduzi Midnight Spooks 1 para nossa língua faz poucos dias, creio que a tradução será lançada em breve.

  • VivianT

    why did Mason eyes keep moving fast between noah and jacob when he talks? Is that a supposed to be like this?

  • David

    when will be translate on Hebrew?

  • mac manning

    is there gonna be second part of this one because i want one

  • I noticed that frozen bigfoot looks like johnny from sing ^_^

  • pixel huntress

    Hah, that was great! Gorgeous subtle art as usual. Thx for letting us play the Zoltan fortune machine! 😀 😀 I could play that one over & over trying to get a fortune. O_O

  • Slysoul129

    Ending was confusing… What did they find?? My imagination tells me that the “ball” was Noah’s head? That would fit with the game picture… And if so…. would that be Old man Stanley? Otherwise (O.o)

    Overall the Game was Great!!

    Im gonna go play the second game now…

  • lidya vaiphei

    can’t wait for midnight spooks 2

  • Lily

    Haha, did the ball hit Noah in the privates at the end? Haha, sounded like it did.

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