More Updates from the mall

Hey everybody!
Two months after the release of HSA, it is safe to say that the game wasn’t a big success.
With less than 50,000 downloads, the game was not profitable (1 million downloads is the needed minimum to make the game profitable).
Nonetheless, we are making huge efforts to turn Murder Mall into a hit.
With 23 backgrounds (36 for those who’ll purchase the optional expansion), many animations and much more challenging puzzles along with logic riddles, we are sure that this detective themed game will do better, much better.
Below, you can see some of the new backgrounds.

We should have all the graphics ready by the end of the month, and by then it’s coding time.

As for Faraday’s Flaw: The game is in its final testing stages. There are still some FLAWS we are trying to overcome, but the waiting is nearly over. Thank you for being patient!

That’s all for today, have a fantastic weekend 🙂

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