So I was going through my stuff today and then I found my MYST CD! I received it as a gift for my birthday in 1994, and this was my favorite game at the time.
Myst CD
Myst was a puzzle game, but it was a puzzle game with great ambiance and unique atmosphere, kind of creepy and spooky.
You start the game by placing your hand on a book titled “Myst”. You are then whisked away to Myst island, and with no idea or goal of what to do, all that is left is exploring the island.
There are no people on the island (actuality there are two people, but they are trapped inside books!) and it appears that there’s not much to do there (no pubs, restaurants or movie theaters), but there are lots of buttons to push and levers to pull, and if you’ll play your cards right, eventually you’ll be able to continue on from Myst island to other worlds.
Myst 1993 screenshot

Myst 1993 screenshot

Myst 1993 screenshot

The soundtrack was also superb all on its own:

To be honest, I’ve never beaten Myst, but it was still enjoyable to play it.
Now why do I tell you all of this you ask? Well, since now I have the ability of creating games on my own, I was thinking about doing a game like Myst, with less dialogues and characters, and more mysterious and isolated locations.
Your thoughts on this matter will be very appreciated, along with ideas and links to puzzle games which you love.

And now, for the rest of our updates:
Quest for Pancake will be released next week. While we are now releasing a sequence of short games, we promise you there’s a lot of work happening backstage to secure development of a long game to be released on Carmel+ in two months from now. Those of you who loved the jump scare in VP5 will surely love this game.

Irenne, who’s won our contest last week, has decided to give up her prize, so the winner is the next best on our list, congratulations to Yannick Roch!
Speaking of Irenne, she also sent us this lovely VP fanart, which we are always happy to receive:

And when is VP8 scheduled to be released you ask? I’ll save the answer for a special VP post which we’ll publish this Friday.
That’s all for today,
Have a magical day!

P.S. – Check out Tristan & Nicole’s channel, they started producing a series of videos titled “Let’s Carmelize”, in which they play every single CG game out there (even from the time preceding CG!)

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