Our 1st mobile game is ready!

Hi everybody!
After a long time our first mobile game is here. It’s an extended edition of Carmelot.
Right now the game is available for 2USD on the Google Play store (iOS coming soon).
There will also be some free smaller mobile games available soon, and also an extended version of Love Chase which will be extremely long.

A huge thanks for those of you who gave us ideas for Vortex Point food!
Since VP8 will have a grocery store, you will see most of your ideas being placed in the game.

Have a great weekend!

  • Emma


  • Aura

    Wow, cant wait for VP8

    • Neither can we Aura, but there’s still some time until then.

  • harikrishnan

    At first I thought,”Wow CG has made a mobile app! This may seriously bring up their popularity!” But then when I saw the app,”WTF! the game is for $140?I will never be able to play this”.B,coz there are many people who don’t have credit cards.But if you made it costly because you need money,then I’m okay with it

    • Charly Gulati

      hey, it’s not $140 . it is rs. 140

      • Crystal Smith

        yea its only like 2 bucks

        • FlyingPoop

          Lol. In my opinion, you should reduce the cost by a bit for a first game. You guys put in a lot of effort in your games, please keep up the good work:). BTW is there like a specific date where the next game will come out? I’ll be waiting for it…

          • The next game we’ll release for mobile is probably gonna be The Magical Forest, but it’s probably gonna be a game 10 times shorter than the mobile version of Carmelot.

    • We would never sell a game, any game, for $140. The game costs $2 USD.

  • Riley the Llama

    Awesome game! 😀

  • chris

    Never played a point and click adventure on my phone before, Guess there is a first time for everything. Hope this works out for you guys and y’all can get some cash flow going for your projects :)!

    • So do we chris, if it will go well we will do longer and longer games.

  • Shivani

    Wow!! Cool I going to try out this game.

  • Maryam

    on phone cool

  • Narval Swagger


  • Abdallah Amin

    please carmel games make a detective game

  • Abdallah Amin

    guys do you really think that is agood idea??

    i really love you carmel games and love all of your games

    but download a point and click games isn’t really good as you will play it once

    • There are many things which you only consume once, this one gives you about an hour of entertainment, we believe the price is fair 🙂

      • DeafieGamer

        As I said to him, I believe every games are meant to be reconsume. I replay Riddle School series and I just have memories of myself playing that game.

        • Yes this is also true. You can play the game as many times as you want.

    • DeafieGamer

      I played point and click games very often and I do not mind playing them again.

    • Srijan

      I am with abdallah
      We can play game only one time so I think 95% of lovers will not download the game as firstly it is online for free in the Web and secondly most of us are kids and our mother and father are no BILL GATES!!

      You can introduce adds in ur game I think
      But, at the same time I appreciate your hard work and also ask people who love the game and earn money on their own can download because If I earned money, I would surely download the game happily by giving money 🙂

      • 1. This game is not the same as the web game, it is about 5-6 times longer.
        2. You can play the game as many times as you wish.
        3. We are not asking for a lot of money, this is not only for people as rich as bill gates. A movie is the same, you go once, later you can watch it again if you like. Buying this game costs a lot less than going to the cinema. It costs less than pretty much 90% of the things that you do buy. It’s all a matter of priorities.

  • adi

    its cost 8 shekels. i think that it need to be free as a first game.

    • Hi adi,

      The development of this game took a lot of time, a lot of resources and also money. Giving it away for free would be a total waste for us, meaning this game would never have been created.

      • DeafieGamer

        I really enjoy your games!

      • adi

        but i still cant play because i dont have credit card

        • You can always ask your parents 😉

    • DeafieGamer

      Don’t you want them to create longer game? This will give them $ to do it.

  • TJ

    That was fantastic!!!! Muah!!

  • Umta-ta
  • Woland

    Wow!!! So many complains because of two bucks!! You guys should be ashamed, Carmel games offered you years of nice and free entertainment and now you complain.
    Don’t you think that the time spent to think and produce something to amuse you has any worth?
    Ir really nerves me.

    Please Carmelo keep doing the great job!

    • People got used to get everything for free, they take digital entertainment for granted.

      • DeafieGamer

        have you considering doing fundraiser to get that money paid by people instead?

        • Carmel Games

          Yes, and we tried, it didn’t go all too well.

  • SliffTiff Baca

    I bought it! Thank you guys so much for all of the awesome games!! 🙂

    • Thank you for your support!

  • DeafieGamer

    iOS version is taking really long time… What is going on?

    • Good question.
      Apple’s fee is x4 times than Google’s. We’re evaluating whether it’ll be worth it or not. We don’t want to end up losing money :

      • DeafieGamer

        have you considering doing fundraiser to get that money paid by people instead, maybe?

        • Yes, and we even had a past (failed) attempt in doing so. Maybe there’ll be another one in the future.

          • Zac Stone

            How much would you have to sell it for on iOS to make money?

  • Srijan

    Can u sell the game for free??
    After a fixed amount of time

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