Our Last Flash Game

Hey everybody!
As you probably already know, Flash is slowly dying, so we’ve decided this is the right time for us to work on what will be our LAST Flash game EVER.
We’ve been going back and forth thinking what kind of game we should write. After giving it a lot of thought, we agreed that yet ANOTHER Night in Crazyville is needed.
Although Jason is a bit wacko and some would say a violent person, we think that he captures the essence of Carmel Games: doing crazy stuff and taking it easy.
While visiting Crazyville, Jason has poisoned a little girl, set a crazy artist on fire, electrocuted two guys, dropped a vase on a vampire pretending to be a homeless person and an iron on his (criminal) date’s head.
Just like in the cartoons, no one dies, but now these characters might seek revenge.
We’d really love to hear your thoughts on the matter as well as any ideas you’ve got for new funny characters, strange locations, or of course new way to “kill” the other characters.
That’s all for today, have a magical day!

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