Our Weekly Update

Hi everybody!
The summer is almost here and we’re currently working on our last game before we take our break – Crazy Vacation with CrazyDad!
We’ll also release Brewster 2 soon.

While on a break, we will continue with our blog updates, so you’ll still be able to see what we’ll be working on.
During our break we plan to rearrange all the riddles we have, graphic assets and lots of other boring stuff we must do. We’ve never done this before, and doing so will save us a lot of time in the future.
Other than that, we will also work on other stuff – games, our new blog-magazine, our very own online shop with t-shirts and more.

Introducing Dining Zoo by Plinga

We’ve recently added a new game by Plinga – Dining Zoo. This is in addition to the existing games: Charmfarm, Klondike, Knights and BridesRoyal Story, Farm Days, Family Barn and Chronicles of Nerdia.

In addition, there are some more special events and promotions coming up next month for the following games: Klondike, Family Barn, Knights and Brides, Royal Stroy, Charmfarm and Farm Days:
9-14 May: Tulip Festival (available for Family Barn only)
7-14 May: Mother’s Day
19-23 May: Midseason/Gardening spring sale
29-31 May: International Children’s Day Bonuses
9-12 June: Travel Time Ahead/pre-summer-holiday Promotion
13-19 June: International Picnic Day Screen S. Contest (available for Family Barn only)
17-21 June: Beginning of Summer

The games are available through our website’s top menu, under the Games->Partners category, through our home page under Partners or just click HERE to check it out.

That’s all for today (sorry we don’t have anything interesting to share this time, but hopefully that’ll change next week!)

  • Kathryn

    I’m excited for the new game! If you get to the blog updates while on your vacation that would be great, but don’t stress too much about it- it’s supposed to be a break, after all! c: I’m definitely intrigued by some of the other things you plan to work on too. The online shop sounds really cool! Anyways, have a great break!

  • Umta-ta

    yay, crazy dad returns! really looking forward to it. one of the most endearing characters that carmelo has created. when, and how long, will your break be?

    • About a month and a half.

  • Umta-ta

    a crazy mom game for mother’s day would have been cool, too.

  • ponygerl

    Wow…working on riddles, assets, games, magazine & shop, doesn’t sound like much of a break for you guys! Cool that it will save u time though, and & can’t wait to see the t-shirts. 🙂

    • We never rest 😛

      • ponygerl

        Ikr! I can see purple shadows under Carmelo’s eyes O_O

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