Hi everybody!

We hope you all enjoyed our last game Back in Time part 2. Which year should the time machine travel next time?Β Share your thoughts with us!

Right now we are working around the clock on the new Vortex Point (4) and hope it will be ready in about two or three weeks. Together with the game we are working on a new website, dedicated entirely for Vortex Point, where you will meet the characters of the game, learn about the town’s history and read ghost stories.
We will also record the new Vortex Point theme song, we are still looking for a singer.
Here are some sketches of Vortex Point’s streets:

Vortex Point sketch Vortex Point sketch

A very old sketch of Vortex Point’s fortune teller. He won’t take part in the upcoming game, but you will find him on the new Vortex Point website.

Vortex Point sketch

That’s all folks, see you next time!

P.S. –Β We plan to release the pirate game in a few days πŸ™‚

  • FrancoPabloDiablo

    Hi Carmel, thanks for the update! Loved the last game (worth the wait) and look forward to your future games. It’s just a shame some people are so rude and impatient in their comments (from your last update)! I know you have been inundated with requests for people to have their name included, but I make a request, not for me but for my daughter who I enjoy these games with: If you could possibly in the future find an opportunity to include the name Sophia-Rose Zoe in a game I would be hugely thankful and I know it would put a big smile on my little girl’s face! Thanks again for all the excellent work you do!

  • Emma Taylor

    Omg I love your games so much! I found one your games on a general website for online games and I got so addicted to the games and I now check this website everyday for new updates:) Keep up the good work and I really enjoy your works!

    • Carmel Games

      Thank you Emma πŸ™‚

  • TJ

    You should make BIT3 about the 1920’s with old cars and Charlie Chaplin, women with pearls. That would be totally awesome. Also, I think you should not make Back In Time about all the decades (70’s, 80’s). Instead make them about different eras, that way each game has nothing in common with the old. The 70’s, 80’s, 90’s would all have the same neon colors, old technology and slang terms.

  • gargamel

    thanks for back in time2 :-)))short, but really great game. The end was delicious hihihhihi.
    extra hi to renee:-)

    • Renee

      viele danke !!

  • kevin

    the 80s for a future back in time

  • Sam

    Your games are the best and i’m looking forward to the release of the pirate game and the new vortex point website can you please use my name in a game i would very much appreciate it.
    I love all you games!!

    P.S Can you please release the pirate game on the 30th it’s my birthday!!!

    • Carmel Games

      We’ll do our best.

      • noam

        when Pirate game will be released

  • Renee

    how about going to the stone age period?

    • amy

      Agree! something prehistoric.

    • TJ

      Love this idea!


    • Carmel Games

      If you mean how many rooms or backgrounds, the answer is 15-17.

      • so hard love to see what will come out of it

      • no i mean that you will create a website for vp and in there how many how many levels like 4,5,6 etc

      • lavnish gupta

        thank you!! i’d love to play it.

  • ABC

    I just want to say that the game is very nice, and I can too, help to translate into Chinese.

  • ahmed hassan

    thanks for back in time 2 it was a wonderful game.I hope that back in time 3 is in the 70s.

  • ahmed hassan

    sorry,will be in the 70’s

  • thanks men im so excited for vortex point 4 thank you guys i love ya.!!!!! πŸ™‚

  • Dylan486258

    The Back in Time 2 was a great game ! It woud be very interesting to make a Bake in Time with the gold rush ( 1850)

    • TJ

      Love this idea!

  • Mabos

    Hi ! BIT 2 was really cool ! I’ve got an idea for BT3, why don’t you make a story in which the character would need to travel through differents periods ? For example, he make an action in the 70’s, but then he needs to go to the 60’s to repair some of his actions and this again in the 50’s. I think it could be nice, but it’s just a suggestion πŸ˜›
    Thanks for reading ! πŸ™‚

    • : )

      this is a really good idea I know I would love to play this game!!!(hint hint!) πŸ™‚

  • noam

    I can translate the subtitles Pirates game

  • PointerRuz

    Hey a suggestion: how about make a game with a female heroine? Only a suggestion, since you guys have your hands full. Hope you finish the website!

  • I’m so excited about Vortex 4, the sketches looks so cool !

  • Daniel Shahar

    Hi guys I really liked Back In Time 2 and I have a suggestion for the next setting of your next game – so, since you guys (and I) are from Israel why not make a game where the hero goes to a certain story from the bible! (David and Goliath, Adam and Eve etc.) OR make a game based around the year of 1948, with a story about Israel’s declaration of independence.

    Anyway, just an idea from a fellow Israeli.

    • Ben

      That’d be awesome

  • Ruvi

    the next back in time should be about the world war II in 1939, when a jew buys the machine and stops the Hitler from killing the jewish people.
    PS. the main characters name should be Ruven.

  • guys you are so cool but i finish at 6:45 i did it alone

  • Mark Jason

    I think it should be on the future or maybe on the 60s

  • aviraj

    i would like it in 1980s i mean backin time 3

  • because u want to surprise me ill give alittle of my idea next on vortex point 5 there will be a new member in the team name her jhasmine the team were happy but caroline is jealous because creg and kevin spends more time with her then to perfectly accepted she needs to finish a case named bigfoot then caroline wont help her but in the end jhasmine figured it out then caroline finally accepted her but jhasmine found her true parents and resined from the team the team were sad.

    is it okay ,its okay if you want to change some of the descriptions above thanks again πŸ™‚

  • no no no no! please dont change anything in the song! i think its creepyly awesome!

  • ida

    I can’t wait to see and play Vortex point 4!
    For back in time -games I think that you guys should do something in future… πŸ™‚ it could be soooo cool or back in time with dinosaurs!

  • kevin

    no pirates game today?

  • noam

    when Pirate game will be released

  • hi

    WHERE IS VORTEX POINT 4????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????oh and I’m not mad with you guys its just that i love your games sooooooo much that I really want it to be released!!!!!! (hence the question marks!!!)

    • Carmel Games

      Keep checking our site for updates. The development of VP4 will take some time, but we’re sure you’ll find it was worth the wait.

      • hi

        thanks and as I say I’m not mad I just love your games soooo much that I REALLY want to play V.P.4!!!

        • hi


  • u r gr8

  • JosΓ©

    hi guys am from Venezuela and I sing very well, let me know if you need me

  • please don’t change the song to vortex point its creepy but awesome and fits the games REALLY well πŸ™‚

  • annie

    Maybe in the next B.I.T you could travel back to the 60s and the main character is arrested for a crime against fashion and they let him/her out on bail and they give him/her 24 hours to dress suitably or else so he/she sets out to find the perfect out-fit however after he/she buys everything he/she realises that he/she has forgot the shoes so she/he goes to find a shoe shop when he/she can’t find a shoe shop he/she has to decorate her/his shoes. When the police find him/her they love the shoes and he/she starts a fashion craze however him/her hates the shoes and when he/she travels back to the current era everyone is wearing the shoes!!
    just an idea thanks!!:)

  • what website?

  • sdd

    what is the Vortex Point website ?

    • Carmel Games

      We’ll revel the VP site URL once we’ll release the game.

  • hey can you cout the number of comments in this WHOLE site? just asking,if you are busy wit VP4

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