Hi everybody!

We read all of your comments regarding the difficulty level of our games.
Most of you asked for a higher difficulty level and more puzzles.
This is why we’ve decided to make the upcoming Vortex Point more challenging, with more riddles and puzzles. We might have to postpone the release date of VP4, but we promise you it will be worth the waiting (You’ll notice the difference once we reveal one of the game’s screenshots).

For all of you who wrote us their names, we promise to do our best to use them in our future games.

We have two new games we’ll release soon, here is a screenshot of our Mr. Pirate game (we still don’t have a name for the game).

Game sketch

And here is a different version of the Pier from Dakota’s Adventures, which we didn’t use:

Game sketch


Thank you all for taking the time to write us and suggest ideas.

That’s all folks, see you next time!


The Birdcage

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Check out The Birdcage, a new game from the same publisher of Murder Mall. It's a 21 levels game with puzzles, and although it doesn't have any goofy characters, like the those you'd find in our games, it's still pretty nice.

High School Adventure

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