Hi everybody!
We hope you’ve all enjoyed the new Vortex Point. We have the story for VP5 and it’s going to be a bit scary, with ghosts who rattle chains and demons who lurk in the dark.
We also launched the new VP website. Right now we have a few ghost stories over there, the stories you already sent will be added in the near future.
Now you can submit your stories comfortably using the “Submit your own story” link on the right side-menu.

We are thinking about a new game series – The one room games – A series of relatively short games where all of the action is taking place in one room, one background. These games will be exclusively on especially for you, with your names, ideas, suggestions etc.
We need a name for the series so share your ideas with us!

Last thing we have for you is another screenshot from the upcoming Tom’s Cruise:

Tom's Cruise

That’s all folks, see you next time!

  • minnie

    I cant wait for VP5

  • :’3

    • Could you put my name in the game pls…???

  • faith

    Here are some ideas for a name for the new series, The epic uno backdrop,or simply just backdrop, Runaround Background, or to be more scary it should be The DOOMED room….

  • silverfyre89

    I have enjoyed all of your games. For the one-room game, I was thinking like the Skeleton room or the Twilight room, inspired by the Twilight Zone.

  • yoshin

    there should be a story about real life technology like zombie viruses.or mutants or even world war 3!

  • Tathagata

    Well Carmel Games, is it a kind of escape room series or trick someone series (like disturbing someone on an elevator)?
    IT totally depends on the kind of game? Mind telling me, so that I can suggest some ideas?

    • Carmel Games

      Yes, something like escape game.

      • Tathagata

        Then it should be named Room of Doom!

  • Mauve

    Door to Freedom Series, One Room,One Door Series, Doom Room Series, One Door to go Series… VP4 was indeed longer and harder! Great job guys! 🙂

    • faith

      Lol I said it should be called the doomed room too. We got 2 votes already. 🙂

  • ahmed hassan

    the amazing escape will be very good

  • lavnish gupta

    the name i think for your new series should be “THINK OUTSIDE THE ROOM”. How’z it??

  • Wow the Tom Cruise game looks good.

  • kevin


  • Tom

    Well somehow the player was drunk or for some random reason wakes up in Carmelo’s Garage or similar. The name of the series could be “Get Outta Carmelo’s Place!”

  • Johnny Boy

    I have a suggestion Carmel Games, in the VP site, if you have time, you could add a section about the characters and some info about them. For Example:
    Name: Police Officer
    Age: ??
    Games: Vortex Point 2, 4.
    Status: Alive
    Story: The Officer is one of the main secondary characters in the Vortex Point Games, he gives the player the basic info about the crimes.
    (Of course it can be better but this is just an example).
    Hope you do it

    Johnny Boy

    • Carmel Games

      Hi Johnny boy, we plan to do so, we just couldn’t find the time.

  • where is the news anchor & the dective who will solve the mistry of ray & cooper

  • When will you release a new game ?

  • LIOR

    i think you can call it “the action ROOM”

  • Venisha

    Thank you once again for using my name in VP 4!! I would like to see my name in the upcoming games in the near future. So when will the next game be out?

  • Neh

    bring up your another game
    your great fan
    love your games

    • Carmel Games

      We are working on it.

  • when is the toms cruise comming ?????????

  • Jerry

    I might be repeating myself, but the previews for Tom’s Cruise are looking fantastic!!!
    Can’t wait getting on board!

  • Jasmine

    Yes when is tom cruise coming?
    Plz reply!

    • Carmel Games

      We are trying to get the job done before Friday…

  • Hey can u make a game with out curse words. Other then that this new game looks great im so excited

    • Carmel Games

      In which of our games did you find curse words?

  • i wish vp5 would be awsom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • when is vp5 coming

  • u can give the story of a horse made up of ice which is after the painter in vp4 the two students were the half sole of it

  • edz

    hi carmel games i like this game its awsome

  • whens vp5 coming out

  • plz reply

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