The evil wizard has kidnapped Ozzy’s wife, Peggy.
Ozzy must rescue Peggy, defeat the evil wizard and bring peace to the woods.

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  • James Palmer

    Not loading for me at the moment 🙁

    • James Palmer

      Ah there we go loading now.

  • andrea

    Nice game! I like the fact that there is the possibility to lose the game! ;D (as i did XD)

    • Thanks andrea!
      Yes, if you could really call it “losing”, you still finished the game which is the important part 😛

  • Kristin

    Like every other game it was really awesome! It was nice that they gave multiple endings, now we know what it feels like losing:(. Thx again for a great game:*

    • Thanks Kristin 🙂
      Glad you’ve enjoyed the alternative endings!

  • Maurice

    Thanks for another great game! (And yes I played 3 times…)

    • Thank you Maurice 🙂

  • Alexander Raja

    Ha! This was a great game! I love that you went back to the magic forest like I once mentioned. I also love that you gave it multiple endings! Great job!

  • nice game. loved the multiple endings.

    • Thanks Uri, glad you liked it!

  • banana55

    please make a multiple of game about another story which cross roads at some point…

    it can be really cool…

    • Do you mean a sequel?

      • banana55


        • Not likely, but who knows? 😛

          • banana55

            well… consider it 🙂

  • Sweet Lolita

    okay it was too easy for me
    that’s probably the last time i will ever say that.

    • Not sure if it’s a good or a bad thing 😛

      • Sweet Lolita

        is…sorta good for me ??? I mean, the game is not bad, it was just a bit too easy for me

        not like i want a harder game—

  • VirgKiss

    Really cool game, however when you try using the gold coins on the hole in the girl’s roof, Ozzy will say the same thing when you try to put them in the well.

    • You are correct, this is a bug and it’ll be fixed for the game’s final version. Thank you very much for reporting!

  • TJ

    Ooh… I LOVED this!! It was awesome that there was a logic problem in there, too… more of those, please!!

    • Thanks Tammy!
      Happy to know you liked the logic puzzle, we were afraid of how our players will accept it 🙂

  • Flowlover

    Is there a chance you will bring up different characters (Crazy Dad, Antony, Caroline, etc) in one single game?:D That would be fun!

    • Yes, there is and we will, we have some ideas, not sure yet what exactly 😛

  • Lily

    Hehe, a very cute game, I would have liked to have seen what happened to the guy in the hot tub when he found out he had lost his shorts! haha

    • Haha maybe if we’ll do a sequel 😛

  • Jardine

    Loved the logic puzzle!!!! Such a good game

    • We tried to make a more refreshing puzzle for a change 🙂 Glad you loved it Jardine!

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