Pizza Quest

Richard is the queen’s new chef. His first task is baking a pizza, but he needs your help in finding all of the ingredients.

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  • Flowlover


    Thank you for the new game! It’s amazing!
    It’s Sasha Yanishevskyi, by the way 🙂

    • Hi there,

      Nice to see you here also 🙂

  • RockyRockz

    THANK You guys for this cool game keep it up love it

    • RockyRockz

      You didn’t tell me which game you will add my name
      and my name is hafeez

      • Hi hafeez,

        We’re currently on a break with the web-games, it’ll have to wait until after we get back.

  • Drumlina

    Hey, guys, this game’s awesome!

    Also, the sound effect that came in before collecting cheese… did it remind anyone else of that old “Confuse the Goose” game from Arthur?

  • tanny99

    collect the cheese game……………new concept….for me atleast

  • petroa

    Idea for a game:
    Old-timey cowboy/girl “Sam” wakes up one morning from a horse-riding dream to discover that his/her spurs have been stolen on the same day as the round-up/rodeo contest that Sam has wanted to compete in since childhood.

    The suspects who are also set to compete in the contest include Sam’s life-long rival (a mean-looking character), a stranger new in town (a gallant-looking fellow), the village idiot (an utter dunderhead), and Sam’s crush (a sweet person with an oddball sense of humor).

    Some of the clues that Sam finds include a crushed tumbleweed outside the bedroom window, a half-eaten jar of salsa, a lacy garter-belt monogrammed with either “OKC” (for “OK Corral”) or a set of Roman numerals (for a number clue), a stick of dynamite, and a swinging saloon door that squeaks on one side but not the other (as if it were recently greased).

    • petroa

      The character doesn’t have to be named “Sam.” It was just an easy androgynous name to pick.

  • EscapeGamesWalkthrough
  • Degen Patrick

    Could anyone please explain me how to open the fridge, please! The only part of the game I had really no clue…
    Thanks guys!!!

    • Léa

      They says that it’s all to the left⬅

    • Set all 4 knobs to the left. (9 o’clock)

  • NM

    How do the symbols on the greenhouse glass translate into 315?

  • Kenny Darmawan


    Looks like those paychecks will go down to Richard’s medical bills.

    • Maya Hgr

      haha, true lol

    • 😛

  • Maryam

    i hated the collect the cheese game it wasn’t good i couldn’t understand the game at first i mean i did moved it away from the hurdle but it still wont pass the game would stop and then i had to try again

    • James Palmer

      Yeah that’s my experience of it too. I’ve still not managed to complete this mini game and it’s put me off. Shame really because the rest of the game is very good.

      • Maryam

        i know such a shame

    • We’re working on a solution to make the mini-game more consistent, hopefully it’ll solve these issues.

  • Yaf

    is there a reason why you deliberately make it impossible to take the cheese?
    It’s not at all like it shows in the tutorial.

    • Yaf

      good luck taking the cheese!

    • Yaf
      • Thank you Yan for reporting this. We have an idea of how to solve this and we’re working on it.

    • John Jones

      I’ve never really had a problem with it. Figure if you get an impossible screen, just crash the boat and try again.

      On another note, can we expect the viral version of this game in the first or second week of June?

      • Yaf

        It’s no use crashing the boat since I get an impossible screen every time new. Just like that print-screen I attached. Weird huh?

        • John Jones

          Very weird. What browser do you use? I use Mozilla Firefox and it works fine. It could be some issue there.

          • Yaf

            I use Mozilla Firefox too!! Never mind I’ll just skip on that game 😉

  • Beatriz Maria

    Carmel que tal colocar traduções em todos os jogos?? adoro os jogos de vcs mas sem tradução fica bem dificil jogar!

    • Nós colocamos a tradução em cada jogo, simplesmente não imediatamente. As traduções são adicionadas 2-4 semanas após o lançamento em inglês. Estamos trabalhando nisso.

  • Beatriz Maria

    Let’s put translations into the games? I can not play without translation and I’m Brazilian.

  • oil|lio

    Hello, it’s me again.

    As always, mousecity version crashes my flashplayer.
    As always, I’d like to ask for a non-mousecity link.
    Thank you very much.

    EDIT: I hope it’s not,
    because that is crashing the ubuntu linux firefox flash player too 🙁

  • angelakim

    Hi, this game is so fantastic! I’ll wait for the new game to release! You did a great job! 🙂

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