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  • cool game. you almost mailed marty’s and doc’s voices. thanks for all the games 🙂

  • Philip Smith

    easy as pie. even without the walkthrough

    • Yes it’s not a hard one Philip 🙂

  • Umta-ta

    well i found it easy and entertaining too. but just for the very last shot, it gets the thumbs down. that was mean.

    • It’s just a joke, never take our games too seriously Umta 🙂

  • EscapeGamesWalkthrough

    See walkthrough here:

  • EscapeGamesWalkthrough
  • Aura

    oh!a short and cute game!! But don’t u think it was a bit too easy….. Still i liked it very much…..

    • It was a bit easy, it’s a a simpler game than usual 🙂

  • Łukasz Satterthwaite

    I like your games but… is it me or do you really think people who fight for preservation of your historical heritage are dumb?

    • Hi Łukasz,
      It’s you 🙂
      The character and the game’s plot are more of a parody on the same character in the film “Back to the Future”. We’re all for preservation of historical heritage, we think it’s important and in real life we also support it actively 🙂

  • RockyRockz

    cool game

  • Alexander Raja

    Very nice! I love Back to the Future. You did well on Doc and Marty’s voices. Maybe you could do another one in the future (ha!) with Doc and Marty as the main characters.

    • manas

      Are you indian ?if not then why is there raja in your name?

      • Alexander Raja

        Because I am married to someone and had my last name changed.

    • That’s an idea we would love to try, but there are copyright issues which will probably prevent it 🙂

  • manas

    THANK YOU CARMEL GAMES SO MUCH!!! Finally a game from you which i finished withou using a walkthrough. (probably)

    • Glad you made it manas, thanks!

  • TJ

    That was great!!! And wow, the professor sounded spot on!

    • You’re great Tammy! Thank you 🙂

  • Era

    A cool game…

  • John Jones

    Even though I “solved” it, I don’t get the pipe puzzle.

    • You need to create 2 continuing pipes, with all of the parts’ matching colors touching each other.

  • Mukta Roy

    the games you are making are improving day by day.loved it!!

  • Takkun Genkyo

    This was funny you guys are awesome 🙂

    • Thank you Takkun! 🙂

  • David John Bunge

    How is the 794 figured out for the trashcan?

    • Each row is like the row above it, only with all the numbers moved one position to the left.

  • Milla Ysabelle

    hi carmel games i loe back to the future so much! btw thanks for putting dr. emmet brown there

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