Starting a new blog

Hi everybody!
We’ve wished to have our very own blog for a long time, a blog that is dedicated to other things we like (except adventure games), such as horror films, interesting books, comics, weird stuff from around the world, etc.
We weren’t sure whether this kind of content will fit well with the CG website or not, so after giving it a lot of thought, we decided it would be best for us to start this blog on a new domain.
To make it more interesting, the blog will have its own YouTube channel, featuring Popko and Topper, two characters that are sure to make you laugh. This blog will be integrated with some of our games, but you’ll have to wait patiently until October 2017 to see it happens (It worth the wait).

Below you can see the first sketch of Popko and Topper’s room, in which they will be “shooting” their videos:

How will Popko and Topper look like? We’re not sure yet, but we’ll decide later this week.

Other than that, we have some of our “Clue” game characters ready!

We hope to finish working on this game by the end of the week and move on to future games, The Mad Scientist and Pizza Quest.

Hell of a Night (previously known as Teacher from Hell), parts 1 and 2 are almost ready, all that left is to edit the game’s voice over, so it means you’ll be able to play both games very soon.

That’s all for today, have a magical day!

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