Tagline Contest Winners

Hi everybody!
A huge thanks for those of you who rated us 5 on Kongregate and for those who took part in our latest contest.
It was hard to choose: We’ve received more than 250 taglines from 118 different people – but we had to select only a single tagline as a winner, so we did:
The winner is Jake Thomas, with: “Time to go on a shopping MURDER spree”.

As promised, there are two more contestants who’ll also receive the poster:
Rafael F. Marín who sent us “Your Own Life is Next to Go Out of Stock”,
and Ryan Jebavy who sent “You’re About to Get Mauled”.

We decided to award yet another, 4th contestant – Uri Chachick, who sent us “More Shops, More Fun, More Blood”. This could be a great tagline for a squeal (hopefully we will have a sequel!)

We already sent emails to all of the winners, and we hope to have another contest soon.
See you soon 🙂

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