The big day is finally here!

Hey everybody!

After a long time and very hard work, we are finally ready to present: High School Adventure – our first mobile game that which we developed all by ourselves!
For us, it feels just like the day of releasing The Proposal five years ago: Mixed feelings of joy, excitement and fear.

So, what’s actually in the game you ask?
First of all we must say that the game is longer than a typical CG web game (approximately 60 minutes).
The game has a brand new auto-save system, so you can quit whenever you want and resume your game later, at the exact point you left.
There’s also a new in-game hint system, so you’ll never get stuck (or need to look for a walkthrough) ever again.
The game is a little bit easy – we know that – this is our first game for this market and we didn’t want to intimidate anyone.
There are definitely still things we need to work on and improve (all will be implemented in our next game), but also there are probably things that we missed, which is why your feedback is essential.

If this game will do well (both critically and financially), it will allow us, in time, to provide you with free high quality games, including better graphics, animations, custom-made music, theme songs, new features and more!

We are already planning a huge promotion for our next game (with lots of prizes!!), so stay tuned 🙂

At the moment the game is only available for Android phones, we’re still working on iOS, which is almost ready and coming VERY soon!
Thank you for all your support.. and Download the game HERE!
(Don’t forget to give us 5 stars!)

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