The Day After

First things first: A huge thanks to all of you who downloaded and played High School Adventure.
While the game itself may appear to be pretty simple, we’ve worked long and hard do develop and test it.
We learned a lot from creating this one simple game and we will definitely get better with time 🙂
Soon we will also be adding translations to the game, so even more people could enjoy it.
Those of you who have an iPhone (or iPad) will be able to download the game in just a few of days.
Unfortunately, this game won’t be available on Windows phone, or any other system which is not iOS or Android based.

So what’s next?

Once we release the iOS version, we will continue working on Faraday’s Flaw – which will be available on our website.
In between, we are also working on Murder Mall, our next game for mobile, which will be much longer and challenging than HSA.
We might make a few design adjustments to our website, to make it more readable.

And a few words for those of you who hate mobile games

Moving to the mobile industry was not an easy decision to make. The Flash gaming industry is slowly (but surely) dying and in two years from now, Adobe will no longer support Flash. The revenue of a Flash game these days hardly covers the cost of making it, so if we wish to keep CG alive we must adapt to the market and work on mobile games too.
We know that playing our games on mobile systems is not the same as playing them on a desktop computer. We started by hating it also, but while testing the game, over and over again, we learned that it’s not that bad.
There are many other positive advantages: There’s an auto save feature, you can play our games while waiting for your dentist appointment, and the new hint system will make sure that you’ll never get stuck.
Give it a try, and even if you don’t enjoy it, keep in mind that this is still just our first mobile game, we have to start somewhere, just like we once did with browser Flash games.
We’re sure that Murder Mall will be a huge hit.

Got any questions? Write them down below. It takes us a longer time to answer these days, but we promise to answer all of you.
Have a great day!

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