The Return to Chopping Mall

Hey everybody!
We’ve got some cool things to show you this time 🙂
As we wrote a couple of weeks ago, we are starting to work on a game which will be sponsored by the donations we’ve received so far. Now you will get a first look into the early sketches and backgrounds of the game.
The game takes place at the good ol’ Chopping Mall (from Creepo’s Tales 1). This time it was important to us to pay attention to all of the stores’ logos.
By now 2 logos are ready (Geraldo’s Ice Cream and McDavid, which is a burger joint) and the protagonist is ready also !

So, what do you think?
By the way, do you have a good name for our mall? We prefer not to use Chopping Mall again (although there will be chopping!)
Have a magical week!

  • Rinesa

    i love it!! keep going <3

  • Marcus Törnquist


  • SliffTiff Baca

    How about “Shop Til You Drop (Dead)” Shopping Center

    • That would be a great tagline!

    • Siostar

      “Shop til you drop” Slashup Shopping Center

  • SliffTiff Baca

    Slashers Mall, number 1 on price slashing

  • SliffTiff Baca

    And it looks AWESOME, by the way! 🙂

  • Dagon

    Borden River Falls Shopping Center…Because Lizzy Borden…the axe murderer…allegedly…

  • גיא רביץ

    v8 mall. a little throwback to Vortex point 8 with the killer

    • גיא רביץ

      maybe jefferson hotel (the killer from vp8 that also did a lot of choppin’)

  • HerpingtonVanDerpstra

    Looks great, guys!
    As far as Mall names go, how about “The Shopping Block”?

    • Shannon

      Yo, this is a good one!

  • Inget_bra_namn

    Why not simply name it Englewood Mall or Wallace ‘n’ 63rd Mall as a little homage to where H. H. Holmes had his “Murder Castle” – especially if you’re gonna go with hidden rooms and such.

  • VeryEasy

    I can’t wait, Im very excited. And I love you guys because a few years ago, maybe 2 or so I commented about how you could have non-stereotypical black characters and instead of being standoffish or throw me aside, you now do it and I love it!

    I love the suggestion in the comments already:
    The Shopping Block

    Then you could use Tiff’s tagline for the mall:
    Number 1 in Slashing Prices!

    • Lydia

      I second your ideas for the name and tagline. Some sneaky hidden meanings.

      • VeryEasy

        Just to clarify they are previous comments ideas, not mine! I just think they work well together.

        • Lydia

          Oh, I know, I agree that they work well together.

  • Lydia

    I’m excited to see how this turns out! I’m always excited for your games to come out. I miss when you were able to post more online games.

  • Cris Without H

    The name for the mall… hmmm… Krimson Stream Mall? It would be a throwback to Ed Boon and his love for the letter K, as well as a reference to the Evil Within (Krimson City) and I think that overall, it has a nice ring to it.

  • Bharat Dave

    The Khooni(Hindi for murderer) Mall

  • Francisca Alves

    Bloody Marie Mall (not the drink, the spirit)

  • Jamieson Berry Taylor

    Carmel Shopurium

  • Matías Sánchez

    Gravity Mall can be a good name

  • VIP

    What about name like Shopper’s Graveyard? or Mystery Mall?

  • Flowlover

    Great sketches!

    What about “Shopping Mole”? Sounds just like “Chopping Mall!” 😀

  • Martin Bak
    • Shahmeela Faheem

      Thats a great idea Martin

  • Temmie Legendary

    vortex mall

  • lily

    Mall name suggestions:
    Chop, N, Mall
    Chop till you drop
    Chopper mall
    Carmel Mall
    Axe Mall

  • Martin Bak

    Shocking mall. To obvious, perhaps.

  • Jin Sang

    Drop Dead (Gorgeous) Mall
    Bloody Shopping Mall

  • Khaalisah Khairulanuar

    Shopping Compl-axe

  • DaGeniusGamer 360

    Mall Of DOOM!!

    • DaGeniusGamer 360

      Or Vortex Mall

  • Shahmeela Faheem

    Hi Carmel Games!
    Great sketches i have two names in mind
    Chop n Mall
    Murder Mall (it can also be called the Happy mall as for happy face physo killer). Hope you like them have a great day or night ahead Bye!

    • Cristina Ahí Ta

      I really like the Chop n Mall idea

      • Shahmeela Faheem

        Thanks Cristina

  • Urban Prijatelj

    shop maul

  • Clara Lovell

    Looking good!!! how about something like Shop till you drop mall?

  • myuhinny

    Chopping maul would be a good one to use. Chop N maul.

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