The Return to Chopping Mall

Hey everybody!
We’ve got some cool things to show you this time 🙂
As we wrote a couple of weeks ago, we are starting to work on a game which will be sponsored by the donations we’ve received so far. Now you will get a first look into the early sketches and backgrounds of the game.
The game takes place at the good ol’ Chopping Mall (from Creepo’s Tales 1). This time it was important to us to pay attention to all of the stores’ logos.
By now 2 logos are ready (Geraldo’s Ice Cream and McDavid, which is a burger joint) and the protagonist is ready also !

So, what do you think?
By the way, do you have a good name for our mall? We prefer not to use Chopping Mall again (although there will be chopping!)
Have a magical week!

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