The waiting is almost over!

Hi everybody!

We are happy to announce that next week we will release the new Luke, and it looks great!
We are still testing the beta version of the game, and there is still a lot of work to be done and voices to be recorded, but the difficult parts are now behind us, so we will have this game ready next week.

We don’t want to reveal too much of the upcoming game, so this is the last picture of the new Luke that we will post 🙂

The day after Luke

After Luke we plan to release a fantasy game with an evil wizard, a magical dragoon and a good hearted protagonist, but we want to hear from you what do you want to see more in the future?
Spooky games? Fairy tale games? Detective games? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Grape Grove – In search for the Baron’s treasure

We’re continuing to work on The Baron game sketches (which will be named ‘Grape Grove’ from now on, because the game’s plot is taking place in a small town called Grape Grove).
Since the game is based on real locations we are trying two different methods of transforming the actual buildings into the game, one using a 3D software and the other is the good old pencil on paper.
The final result will have to convey a feeling of mystery in the air, which will be achieved using special light effects.



That is all for today, have a magical day!

  • Red Spark

    Great updates! I can’t wait for both games!

  • I am waiting for the new luke

  • and also for the game that you have talked in your blog.

  • i want a fairy tale and a detective game in future

    • daisy

      same case here

    • pranamika

      why do u like fairy tale games..?!! they r soo boring..

      • Alex

        Because we do.. They’re not boring to everyone, duh.

        • pranamika

          OK… if u like fairy tales game i have no problem… 😉

  • TJ

    Awesome!! You’re doing a great job! Looking forward to all of the new stuff! 🙂

    • Olet ruma kuin helvetti, et pala…

      • TJ

        Mielipiteesi on merkityksetön . Sinulla on raportoitu .

  • Verona

    I want anything with a funny ending.

    • Got any specific idea in your mind?

      • Verona

        You know, like he or she didn’t finish the job or he or she tells a joke in the end.

  • Jayson Dannog

    Can’t wait for the game to come out. As for what type of games you want us to see, it really doesn’t matter because any game you make will be a true work of art.

  • Mickaela Aspuria

    Oh goodie! I can’t wait to play. Anyway, can you make a detective game next time? That is, if you have a good plot. I love these kind of games where I pretend I’m a real detective. Thanks!

    • I see there is a lot of demand for detective game.
      Thank you for your comment.

  • Renee

    I would like a detective or spooky game… Fairy tale is boring and childish

    • pranamika

      yes you are correct..

    • Pratham



    I want fairy tale he and if u can,pls use my name . my name is gautami and plz reply


    I mean fairy tale game bymistakely written fairy tale he

  • Sara

    Detective games are best! I really enjoy your Sherlock’s game and I don’t know until the end who was the murder.

    • RockyQ

      i also like sherlock’s games

  • RockyQ

    we want fairy tale and detective games

    • pranamika

      why do u want fairy tale game…?

      • RockyQ

        i like b cuz they have stories

        • pranamika

          oh..! earlier i liked it but now i like detective games and spooky games…

  • RockyQ

    the luke deluxe will be very famous

  • yoyomom

    I want to see more sequels. Like vampire like son was the first Carmel game I ever played, and I feel like it ended on a cliffhanger. Also, I sent you an idea for a Mermaid city sequel. I know I said you can turn it down if you wanted, but I don’t think you ever told me if you turned it down or not.

    • We usually don’t turn down to any idea, but sometimes we combine several ideas together or change them a bit.

  • lily

    i would like a second version of sherlock holmes…since i liked dat game very much

    • Yes, I’m starting to think it’s time for Sherlock 2!

      • pranamika

        so, have you thought to make it..

  • kkklll

    YAY! Finally :)! In the future I’d like a detective game but anything’s fine really.

  • daisy

    detective games or spooky by the way I like Sherlock’s games

  • Bacon Girl

    I would love to see more detective games. And great work on Luke.

  • aviraj

    iA dectective game with mystery and fairy tale

  • pranamika

    i want spooky games. i just like it

  • iman kamran

    can’t wait for the game. I’m so excited and i like all of ur games but can u make a new vortex point and some more very interesting games please

  • iman kamran

    I’m looking forward for new stuff cuz all of ur games r so nice and interesting

  • pranamika

    hurray…!! the new luke is comming soon…

  • pranamika

    can you make crazy dad part 3

    • pranamika

      i really love that game.

  • pranamika

    hey carmel can u tell me the date when the new luke will come.. please reply.
    i really want to know.

  • TJ

    I see a lot of requests on here for a fairy tale, and then someone asking for a funny ending… have you ever seen the film The Princess Bride? It’s sort of a spoof fairy tale… very funny. Perhaps that sort of idea might please everyone. Just a thought…

    • Yes! It’s one of my favorites 🙂

  • carmel fan

    your pencil sketches are best…are your games available on smart phones

  • disqus_eeF2Hb6V6G

    i want a spooky game!

  • pranamika

    hi carmel, i just want to say that, your all games are soo fabulous.. i just can’t stop myself to play your games.

  • Elle <3

    I can’t wait for the new game!

  • Kunal

    Yoo….. carmelllloo…………….. you are super cool.

  • suhani

    what about dakota winchester part 3 ? i like detective and spooky games.

  • when will be the game ready?

  • hey can my name come in your game…plzz…plzz.

  • Aadam

    Can you continue Vortex Point?

  • prachi

    hello Caremelo ! i am going to love luke.i request you to make a romantic spooky detective game.and the hero will be named swastik and the detective heroine should be names prachi .the ghost of this game will be an evil dead woman named swati. in the end prachi and swastik should be married.

  • Jamie Hamilton

    Okeeeeeeeeeee, haven’t posted an idea in a while.
    This is for a detective game
    Somebody is murdered. You don’t know if it’s a man or a woman, or a child. all that there is, is a basically a bloody imprint of a human body. You have to find what and who it is and who killed them.

    It turns out to be a man named Sawyer (put any name you want, I don’t care.)

    You talk to Sawyer’s family, his friends, after finding that it was a hit-and-run, BUT it was by the family car. It wasn’t necessarily on purpose, but not reporting the manslaughter is still a crime, so you still have to work the case.

    The suspects are:

    Barry, the bartender of the bar Sawyer worked in (Barry was a family friend)

    Shawn, his psychologist

    Shay, the psychologist’s sister (Shay was Sawyer’s girlfriend)

    Willow, his sister

    Haskell, his best friend

    and finally, his roommate, Julie

    Barry was always jealous of Sawyer, and when he saw Shay with Sawyer (he had a crush on Shay)

    Shawn was very angry at Sawyer, because Sawyer became Shawn’s best friend, and it is an unspoken rule that best friends should not date each other’s siblings.
    Shay was angry at Sawyer because he broke up with her(brutally)on account of having ‘complicated issues’ especially since he frequently shouts and gets annoyed with her, and threatens to not allow her to have her dog while she’s in the bar.(He is blackmailed to do all this)
    Willow is angry because Sawyer beat up her fiance, for no reason. He only said ‘complicated issues’
    Haskell gets a huge job promotion at work, but Sawyer talks to the boss, tells lies about Haskell, and then convinces his boss that he should fire Haskell.(He is blackmailed to do this too)
    His roommate Julie liked Sawyer, but Sawyer then let her down BRUTALLY (shouting, throwing stuff.) He again says this is because of the ‘complicated issues’

    It turns out the complicated issues are because he’s getting death threats from one of the suspects. He grows scared, cuts off ties with everybody, because he knows one of them are sending them. He contemplates calling the police. You learn all of this by reading his diary.

    You can control the rest of the game. Simplify it, make the parts a little less gory, a lot more funny, whatever you want.


    • Musical Lover

      that is a amazing idea

    • Thank you Jamie once again for your nice ideas 🙂

    • Você puta!

  • parul

    i think detective and it must be a suspence,thrilling and a long and good case .
    i donot need to speak as u r sooooooo goood so u will make a very awesome game (detective game)

  • Reness

    Detective…Cause u can add mystery to it…! Waiting for Luke..! <3

  • emroski

    i want a very long detective game in future

  • Musical Lover

    a adventure game
    a spooky game
    a fairy tale game
    a futureistic game
    a game from the past

  • dakyra

    more detective games yeah keep it up

  • Jolo

    I want a new sequel to Back in Time!

  • Devanshi Adhikari

    i wantfairy tale games

  • pranamika

    so when the new luke is coming…? today or tomorrow…!
    i am really exited. can’t wait to play. please release it fast..
    please reply..

  • pranamika

    so when the new luke is coming…? on 31st of march or on april 1st. i’m really excited to play this game. please release it fast.. and also plese reply….!

  • sami abobaker

    I would like a detective game.

  • Rebecca

    Carmel your games are awesome!Great graphics! I dont care what sort of games they are but i always like to see a new one out!i have played all your games. I cant wait for luke to come out!Keep up the good work and hopefully there will be more great games in the future!

    • Thank you very much Rebecca 🙂

  • pranamika

    knock knock..! hi carmelo are u there…?

  • Jamie Hamilton

    I think its too late, but ill try anyway. how about a sign at the pub that says
    ‘push, if that doesnt work, pull, if that doesn’t work, then we must be closed’

    • Irenne

      This one is amazing XD

    • Yea, nice for stupid and brainless people like u HAHA jk

  • Okeeeeeeeeeee, haven’t posted an idea in a while.
    This is for a spoooky game
    Somebody is fucked up. You don’t know shit about it. Is it a woman, a child, or a fcking motherfucker!? You enter a fcking weird house, and you see a fcked up oldman. He asks you ,,Wanna have gay sex?,, You have to say Yes or No. If you say yes, your gay. Then he takes a shotgun and tries to shoot the shit out of you. You quickly strip naked and look at your dick, and say ,,Pls man don’t hurt me, or shit will happen!,, The oldman fucks you up… This story is so fcked up that even i don’t give a single shit.

    • Jamie Hamilton

      WHAT THE HELLL!! Why the hell did you copy and paste the first sentence you wacko!
      facepalms and tries to virtually slap

      • Hehe

      • Holy shit is that your real pic? If yes, wanna have sex with me??? Just kidding ; ^^_^^

  • mahnoor

    when will this game realease it is 31 and should be realeased yesterday

  • RockyRockz

    when the vortex point 6 and dakota winchester 3 will come

    • pranamika

      do u know anything when the new luke is coming…?

      • RockyRockz

        yes i know

        • pranamika

          so please say when..?

          • RockyRockz

            when the carmel games release the game

          • pranamika

            Carmel games said that it will release this week

          • Lol such logic man
            P.S why did you put Justin Bieber as your image? Are you gay?

  • pranamika

    hi Carmel game, can u tell me when the new Luke is releasing.. please tell me because i can’t open my laptop to see weather the new Luke has came…. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give reply…

    • Guest

      they said it’s coming this week

      • pranamika

        i wish it come soon… 🙁

    • kkklll

      they said yesterday that it’s coming in a few days… so maybe wed or fri

  • Red Spark

    How about a detective game of a murderer?

  • Jamie Hamilton, this is a letter from me to you!
    You know, your pic is awesome.
    You are beautiful, like my cat.
    Pls, i’m so horny.
    Pls, just pls, come to my house to have sex with me.
    If not, i’m gonna find out where you live, and then ima gonna rape you.
    Time: 20:25 Sex time: TELL ME WHEN YOU’RE READY!
    From your dear, Americano

  • pranamika

    hi carmelo, why u always make a game of a human adventure.. why don’t u make this time a ADVENTURE of an allien or an animal….

    • You’re right, I think so too.
      Got any preference? A cat? Dog? Bear?

      • pranamika

        I love dog also and cat also… but i like cat the most…. but u can make a adventure of a monkey…
        the story will be…
        a monkey named pumi have gone out of the jungle for a month… and after when she came back she saw that her family was not at home and was taken by a evil hunter to sell it to the curcus..! she scarched everlywhere and at the last after facing so many trobles she finelly got her destinetion…
        and rest of the part u will continue.

  • TAN

    i prefer detective games
    and can u please use my name Tanya in a game
    pls reply

  • Anuska Ray

    i want fairy tale and a detective game in future

  • Anuska Ray

    i want a fairy tale and detective game in future

  • Helena

    detective games are the best!! <3

  • i like games based on actors!!!
    can you create one?

    • Hi Aryan,

      Do you mean real life celebrities?

      • ya exactly!
        can you use my name in one of your’s character’s.

      • ya exactly.
        or making spoof of movies.

  • can you create a game based on super heros like spider man

    • Hi rose,

      Spider-man and similar super hero characters are copyrighted trademarks, but maybe we’ll create one of our own.

      • thanks, but if you have any problem than create a game based on vampires

      • hey carmelo have you got any idea about my game based on super hero.

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