Trappes 2: Pirates

Join Mike’s team (which includes just you and Mike) in another visit to the Trapped escape room. In this particular escape room, you’ll need to find the treasure of the infamous pirate Morgan.

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  • Julka Piatnicova

    That was fun. Will that guy survive? 😀

    • Yeah, he’s a tough guy 🙂

  • HerpingtonVanDerpstra

    Thanks Carmel!!

  • andrea

    Very funny game! It has been an honor teaming up with the immortal Mike! 😀

  • Clara Lovell

    Thank-you for another one of your awesome games. I have been replaying all the older ones whilst waiting for the halloween ones 🙂 Really sorry to be picky but I cringed at putting the cannonball in before the gunpowder. If you don’t put the gunpowder in first there is noting for the sparks to catch onto and thus propel the cannon ball. I don’t usually post such comments but my own reenactment cannon, Lucy, would cry at the thought and never forgive me!

    • Thank you very much for the info, we’ll fix it for the viral version.

  • Tom

    One issue I had for the flag puzzle I didn’t need to move a couple of the icons as they were in the correct place but when I got the puzzle correct it said is wasn’t so I swapped all of them and then moved then back then it worked.

  • thanks for the game. i really enjoy the trapped series 🙂

  • Jeroen Wapenaar

    Great. Will enjoy it I think. For now, I think change title of the blog? It says trappes

  • Kenny Darmawan


  • Kenny Darmawan

    Played it. Apparently, now the game makes a way to ensure there will be no instant sequence breaking to complete the game.

  • adi

    I didn’t understand that thing with the note and the squares..

  • Jatin Verma

    Good game btw I didn’t got the map puzzle. we had to put coordinates of west in north and vice versa. When is next vortex point coming

  • VivianT

    That guy seems pretty fine after eating a poison cookie…I guess he will be back soon, a cannon ball wouldn’t be a matter to him

    • restcure

      I know … I was sort of disappointed not to hear a shaky, weak, and faint “wouldn’t miss it” from somewhere under the floor

  • DianeB5

    The puzzle with the flags is seriously flawed.

  • Dora

    i like the new game server you’re using, much faster than mouse city!!! good game! loved the who lives here style puzzle…still miss the longer games with more rooms but these are still short and fun!!!! can’t wait for more

  • Avatard

    Nice game, but too short.

  • NM

    Hey! Really liked the game…thanks, guys! 🙂

  • love carmel games teddy

    This was actually easy. I loved it!!! 🙂

  • Oldmanmike

    Thanks for linking to something other than mouse city. They reload the ads every 5 seconds and it causes slower computers to lag so much the games are hardly playable. Great game, short but fun. I might suggest using something other than flags of countries, because not everyone easily recognizes them. Had to look 2 of them up :p

    • Avatard

      At least makes you learn something. What good is it if you already know?


  • Federico Pons

    love it!! hope the game is not cursed! haha

  • Subhangee Swain

    Such a cool game series , love the work you do!!!

  • Zundfolge

    The only flaw I found is that when loading any muzzle loading firearm you put the powder in first, then the projectile.

  • Kimberly Lopez

    Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve played one of your games (I’ve been busy with school). ^^; Anyway, I really like this series so far! 🙂 I love how no matter what happens to him at the end of the previous game, he still shows up in the next one as if nothing happened (it’s a good running gag)! XD Keep up the awesome work!

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