Video walkthrough VS Text walkthrough

Hi everybody!
In order to try and make things better around here, we would like to hear your opinions about our game walkthroughs.
More specifically, in which format do you prefer to see the walkthroughs? (you can vote in the poll below)

Text walkthrough

Just like the title suggests, a written guide with steps that tells you what to do. That’s what we used to do.

YouTube Video

A YouTube video with anchor links that skip to the relevant part in the video when clicked, much like a Veedi walkthrough.
That’s what we do today.

Item based walkthrough

In this walkthrough you can view a list of all of the items that are available inside the game, with an explanation on where to get each of these items and where and how to use them.

If you have a different and even better idea of how to present a walkthrough, please share it with us in the comments below.
Thank you and have a great day!

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  • Vanice John Canoy

    First comment

  • Vanice John Canoy

    Try combining walkthroughts

    • That’s a possibility Vanice, but first we need to know the the demand for more than one type of walkthroughs is high enough 🙂

  • draph91

    keep all three

    • If there demand will be high enough for all 3 of them, we do not rule this option out.

  • mariagrazia

    i prefer hints rather than explicit “what to do”, so a text walkthrough with spoilers for mere solutions could be helpful when i’m stuck but still let me play the game.

    • We think the items based walkthrough is pretty “hinty” 😛

      • mariagrazia

        Yes, the item walkthrough is the one that is more like it.

  • JFNeal

    I agree with Maria. Hints are better than exact directions. Usually with your games if I’m using the walkthrough it is because I am missing a specific click in a room rather than a complete lack of knowing what to do next.

    • Do yo feel the items based walkthrough gives out too much information?

      • Martijn

        The problem with items-based walkthroughs is that you will always see items that you are not looking for, and which you potentially didn’t exist existed in the game. This will spoil your gameplay later on.

        Another issue is that it assumes you know the *item* you need, but often it’s the *action* or *location* (e.g. find the mousehole to retrieve something) which is the hint that you need. By focusing on items rather than actions, you may need to read up on several items before you found out the part that you’re missing.

        • You’re point about the item vs action hint is very informative, thank you Martijn 🙂

  • Cupcake WizaRD

    Usually I don’t use walkthroughs and try to solve everything on my own. I only use walkthroughs when I feel completely hopeless. I’d rather discover things on my own because I always have a feeling of guilt doing things the “easy” way. Sometimes, I just feel like I’m lost and all I need is a little guidance to bring me back on track. Or I’m missing something and I need some help finding it. But I don’t let myself peek at a single walkthrough until I’m 100% sure I need to. In other words, when I’m desperate enough to.

    But I prefer written walkthroughs over video for my own reasons. In a written walkthrough, I don’t have to see the outcome right away. It just tells me where to find what and what to use it for. I don’t like spoiling myself more than I want to by seeing everything that I’m supposed to do before I even do it myself. In my experience, it’s hard to come by a written walkthrough, and it’s harder to avoid its video equivalent.

    Hmm..I’ve never heard of or seen an item based walkthrough before, so I won’t give any opinion just by knowing what it is and not by seeing it for myself. But by the looks of it, I don’t think it’s my type of walkthrough. I don’t want ‘ta cheat on my personal favorite ya know! 😀

    • I really identify with everything you wrote describing your experience of playing games and avoiding the walkthroughs until their your last resort, I am about the same 🙂

      The argument that you’ve made regarding how you get to see and experience the outcome yourself when you use a text walkthrough is interesting and I haven’t thought about it before, so thank you very much for bringing that up.

      If you want to see an example of an items based walkthrough, as well as playing an excellent and very high quality point and click adventure game, I really recommend that you’ll try playing Bad Viking and the Curse of the Mushroom King.

      • Cupcake WizaRD

        Thank you for replying! I will definitely play that when I get the chance ^-^

        • Make sure that you do, it really is an awesome game 🙂

          • manas

            i agree with bogdan’s idea. there should be different levels of hints.

  • SammieEm

    Text is good because if it seen on a youtube what’s the point of playing.

    • You can always only watch the small part you’re missing, no need to watch all of it like it’s a “Let’s Play” 😛
      The problem is that you may accidentally watch parts you don’t want to, although the anchor links are there to mitigate that problem, but we do understand how it can be less comfortable.

    • Cupcake WizaRD

      I understand. Watching it for yourself removes the fun in playing when it could instead be explained in text.

  • AtomicBow

    How about a text walk-through with pictures? So basically it is combining text and items based walk through, but with a twist.

    • That’s an interesting combination 🙂

  • likahokeith

    I ‘ll prefer text and youtube. But I voted youtube because there’s only a choice.

    • We understand some people are interested in more than one option, and it’s possible that we will make both of them, at least fr some games.

  • I like text because if I’m stuck I can get a hint easier. With a video you have to watch it all and try to find the spot your stuck. But also nice are hints for some of the puzzles….the difficult ones, of course.

    • Do you not find the anchor links in the YouTube videos helpful? These are links that you click on and take for to the relevant position in the video, for example:
      0:55 – take keycard
      2:46 – take&use whistle

      • It’s not that I don’t find them helpful….I’ve never seen them. I don’t use YouTube much. I’ll take either way though, keep up with the great games.

  • CherryPie

    i prefer text more

    • Thanks for commenting your opinion!

  • leighattwood

    Walkthroughs are so difficult to get right, especially for games like yours. No matter how you present the information, it is very difficult not to give more away than the individual player needs to move on to the next step. There mostly isn’t one clear sequence in which to play your games and items could be picked up and used in many different orders. The problem I often find with walkthroughs is that they present one solution and whilst a player can just skip to the point at which they require a bit of help in the walkthrough, often other steps haven’t yet been completed elsewhere and you end up scrolling through other parts of the walkthrough, or you inadvertently spot other items in the inventory that you haven’t yet picked up that ‘give another part of the game away’ so to speak.

    So for players who just want to dip in to a walkthrough for a bit of guidance and then jump back out, it is very difficult to do so without picking up extra hints and visuals/information that you didn’t yet want or need.

    I’m not quite sure which of your suggested walkthrough methods lessen the chances of this. I would say that the video walkthroughs are the more ‘risky’ as I think it is much easier for a player to accidentally pickup visual clues that you weren’t looking for. Even if the player uses the list of anchor points to find the right moment in the video walkthrough, they may still see a clue in those links for a different part of the game that the walkthrough has already completed but the player has not (and does not need to complete to move on from the point at which they are stuck).

    Sorry, I know this doesn’t give much guidance about which way to go (and was a bit wordy) – but I just wanted to present the issues I have with walkthroughs in general.

    • I totally agree with you, walkthroughs are hard to get right, and even harder for these types of games (adventure/exploration/non-linear) due to the uncertainty of their plots’ progression. As it was also said here in other comments, part of the experience of playing these games is discovering their content by yourself and whenever it is revealed to you by a 3rd party (i.e watching a walkthrough) a part of that experience gets ruined.
      Thank you for bringing up these points, they’ll be taken into account.

      • Bogdan Sunder

        Old games back in the 80s had three grades of hints. One that gives you a generla idea what to pursue next (“Maybe the dragon is hungry?”), one that gives you a fair amount of help with the task at hand (“Look in the armory for something to eat.”) and one last that gives you a straight answer to the problem (“Take the pomegrenade from the shelf in the armory and feed it to the dragon”).
        If you hide each of these under a spoiler tag, everybody will be able to decide for themselves how much help they are going to take, and you’re not spoiling anybody’s fun unintentionally.
        Hope this helps!

        • That’s a good idea, the downside is that it’s more work. We’ll need to consider it and see. Thank you Bogdan for the idea 🙂

          • Bogdan Sunder

            I could lend a hand in writing, if you want.

  • HEy carmelo!
    I want to say something…that A Happy Earth day !!!
    Hey you can also make a game on earth day as well,eh?

    • Never thought about it, we’ll give it a thought 🙂

  • Jennifer Scott

    I always liked the UHS (Universal Hints System) style. It’s not a straight walkthrough, but gives basic prompts, then clues and then more until telling you what to do. Sometimes a text/video walkthrough gives away too much, video walkthroughs in particular as you may have done something in a slightly different order. A text/items based walkthrough that utilises hidden text/spoilers would be great, gives everyone what they want without taking the fun away for others.

    • Cupcake WizaRD

      I like the hidden spoilers idea!

    • We did not know UHS, thank you for sharing it, we’ll research it and see what we can learn.

  • Zac Stone

    I think a room based walkthrough where it gives the name of the room and then list of items you can get in that room and then the things that can be done in that room works pretty good. If you have seen and how they have their walkthroughs laid out kind of like the way an outline is laid out. You can click on the main section that breaks it down into smaller sections that you can then look it so only what you want help with will show up and things you don’t want to look at don’t get spoiled.

    • Cupcake WizaRD

      I actually think a room based walkthrough is not a bad idea. Yes, I’ve seen jayis games a few times before and basically a room based walkthrough is a written walkthrough divided into different parts per “room” in the game.

      Here’s an example:

      ^^This is one of the few I remember :b

    • Hi Zac,
      We’re familiar with the walkthroughs at jayisgames and agree their hidden text function is good but still not enough as a whole. We’ll probably end up combining that with other mechanisms.

  • Mukta Roy

    i think video walkthrough is better than the text walkthrough because we can adjust the speed and text walkthroughs consume more time as we have to read it.also the video walkthroughs show us the right sequence.and if you think watching the full video is very time consuming then you can make the video fast by going in the settings option.i think video walkthroughs are easier to watch and understand then the i prefer video walkthrough in youtube.

    • Hi Mukta,
      You are bringing up good points indeed. The time it takes to consume each walkthrough type is different and not in a small manner, favoring the videos. Also the videos are easier to understand, especially if you’re a non-English speaker.

  • jason2003gamer

    I think that items based walkthrough are better than text walkthroughs because it will have more success

    • I assume because they are more informative.

  • TJ

    I like the text better because it’s more like a little nudge in the right direction if you get stuck, and then you can still sort of figure it out. Inasmuch as I appreciate the video ones, they completely give it away. I’ve actually never seen an item based walkthrough, so I’m not really sure… but I voted for text. Stay awesome, guys! 🙂

  • Hanna

    PLZ people vote for youtube walkthrough. I feel it is best due to the fact you can have a visual image if you are unsure of what to do

    • There’s always a possibility for more than one kind of a walkthrough, they are not necessarily mutually exclusive 🙂

  • Mirissa Stewart

    I would prefer a text/video walkthrough hybrid. Sometimes it gets tiresome trying to find where to get something by watching a video that spoils the game, other times it is hard to get something if you don’ t know where exactly to get it.

    • A hybrid is indeed an option Mirissa, thank you!

      • Mirissa Stewart

        Your welcome. I think that the hybrid would satisfy a lot of people.

  • Avatard

    Text walkthrough is best because you can go straight to the point you need a hint for. In a video, you have to go back and forth to search for the exact point. On another note, a specific instruction can be prefixed with ‘hint’ or ‘spoiler’ depending on which it is. But that’s a smaller point. The main thing is, text gets my vote always.

    • Regarding video, there’s an option of anchor links which you click on and take you to the exact point in the video that you want to watch. But regardless of that text does have it’s advantages as you said.

  • Marcela

    I always feel ‘guilty’ when I use a walkthrough, video shows all gameplay, item shows almost everything what’s important about the game, it’s like a spoiler 🙂 Text it’s only a suggestion. “Use stick”, then I know that I should do something with this item, and I can try to do it by myself.

    • I share your guilt Marcela 🙂 We’ll take it all under consideration.

  • chillybeanie

    I heart the idea of the item walkthrough, in order to accomodate the prior comments about spoiling, I would just suggest that you make it keyword searchable so we go right to the item we want to inquire about. Keeping it hinty by giving a general hint, then letting the user click a new button to get more specific, then another for even more specific, is a great way to only see the tip you want to see. Jayisgames walkthroughs, where i discovered Carmel Games, has an awesome format for this.

    • Making it keyword searchable is a very interesting idea. We’ll have to check it’s feasibility, but it can really help keeping it less revealing. Thanks!

  • isha

    Text and pictures will be good but i’ll still like the hint-y type I normally feel guilty when i watch a walkthrough as I like completing games on my own. Btw Awesome games :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    • Thank you isha! We sympathize with your guilt feelings, we get them too, that’s why we’ll try minimizing them using more hinty and less revealing walkthroughs.

  • Sakshi

    I would prefer text walkthroughs because if I am stuck anywhere, It’s easy to get it from the text….Anyways Love ur games carmelo…Waiting for the new ones 🙂

  • Vanice John Canoy

    I have a new idea. Place walkthroughts.

    It goes like this. You tell everyplace in the game. Then tells you what to do in that area. It looks like text and more efficient that item based

    • Hi Vanice,
      What you’re suggesting is similar to what they have at Whatever we’ll choose it’ll be a combination of that general idea along with other ideas.

  • malavika

    i think a box should be at the side with H (hint) so that when we clck it we get clue not the excact answer and sometimes we may not find it by the clue so once in 2min or more a box with A (answer) should glow

    • That could be the ideal solution but unfortunately at the moment it will way too complicated to develop 😛

  • VirgKiss

    Vote for ITEM WALKTHROUGH everyone!

  • disqus_E86lCB4OC7

    From the perspective of someone with VERY slow internet (lol), it’s really lovely when you have text walkthroughs and I’m not waiting for a youtube vid to buffer.

    • This is a legitimate argument. May I ask where are you located?

      • disqus_E86lCB4OC7

        I’m in Georgia, US. Problem is that I’m out in the middle of nowhere in the country. Youtube only works when it wants to out here…so a normal 30 second buffer might actually take 30 minutes for me. You have no idea how happy I am when I’m completely stuck on a part in the game and I see a buffer-free text walkthrough. Even item based is cool, but the YouTube videos for me (and others in my situation) is a serious pain, especially when you’re just completely stuck and the vid won’t load. Then you’re just sitting there like “well now what do I do?”
        I appreciate you guys taking the time to consider our opinions btw!

        • I was in Georgia last September actually, but I was mostly pretty close to the Atlanta area so obviously did not encounter this problem 🙂
          That sounds quite painful indeed, we’ll make sure our longer games will all have text walkthroughs (at least) and hopefully they’ll help people in your situation 🙂

          • disqus_E86lCB4OC7

            Thanks so much!!!

  • Yash Kumar

    I prefer text as they are more useful.In walkthrough you have to skip,how much you have done and they take too much time

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