We’re on a break

Hi everybody!
We hope you had fun with Finding Jack’s Treasure. It will take some time for us to release a new game, that is because we’re on a break.
While we will still be continuing our work behind the scenes, we’ll also need some time off to rearrange stuff and work on new things.
We will continue updating our blog with information regarding our work.
We recommend you to also follow us on Facebook or Twitter so you’ll be the first to know once we’re back.
So, what’s our plan for this so-called break?

1. Go mobile

We’ll try to learn how to create games for mobile devices. It won’t be a complete replacement for our web games, but it has the potential of giving us the income we need in order to keep CG up and running (let’s face it, Flash games are just not making as much money as they used to).

2. Start our own online magazine

An online website with our personal reviews of horror movies, horror books, art and geeky stuff.
We’ll promote this new website with its own series of web games. We’ll should have that ready by October.

3. Be more efficient

We’ll finally have the time to rearrange all our riddles, notes, sound effect, assets and files, so we’ll be able to work faster.
Sometimes we waste a lot of time in trying to locate a puzzle we used before, a sound effect or an item icon. Once we solve this issue we’ll be a lot more efficient.

So, that’s the big plan. We’re also still working on Faraday’s Flaw, but it’s still too early for us to say when it’ll be ready for release.
We hope you’ll keep following our blog, and we truly hope you’ll be with us once again when we return from our “break”.
It could be a much needed change for us. Even if you don’t like games on mobile, if all goes well you’d get much better web games in the future – that is, assuming we will earn enough from mobile games 🙂

Got any question? Feel free to ask – we’re here for you.
Thank you all for your support, and we’ll meet soon 🙂

  • Maryam

    ONLINE MAGAZINES! i am looking forward to that and yeah Finding Jack’s Treasure was a really nice game i enjoyed it plus after that much of hard work u guys deserve a break

    • Thank you Maryam, we hope to meet your expectations 🙂

  • Helena

    i’m going to miss you guys! but enjoy your break you deserve it!

    • Thanks Helena, we’ll still be here, just won’t work on the web-games, don’t worry 😛

  • Riley the Llama

    Will the mobile games cost money?

    • Probably not, however it will contain in-app purchases.

  • Vanshika Sareen

    its ok dont forget about us during the break pls
    i was surprised that there was no twist at the end of finding jaack’s treasure but it was still amazing luv u gyz <3

    • We’ll never forget about our fans Vanshika 🙂

  • Maryam

    hey guys if u want any stitched ladies girls or babies dresses than u can contact a page on Facebook named BURGUNDY BOUTIQUE it is made by a very talented house wife for prices inbox

  • Pooch

    For me, these games are consistently top of the line in terms of quick adventure games I can do between patients at work or on my lunch. That said, you guys evoke that old LucasArts feeling for me and I’d absolutely love to see a full length game at some point. I think you would easily succeed with a Kickstarter but I do like the direction of the mobile games to keep Carmel Games afloat, Regardless what direction you end up taking, I will be a paying customer. It is well deserved. Top notch games. I just wish somehow you had much more exposure.

    • Hi Pooch,

      Thank you so much for the compliments and kind words, it means a lot to us!
      We did try a Kickstarter once a long time ago and it didn’t work out, could be due to several reasons. However, we still plan to make a full-length PC game in the future, maybe after a few mobile games we’ll have the funds needed and won’t even be needing a crowdfunding 🙂

  • Victor

    Hey – I have a suggestion to you regarding your games, try making one long games with chapters – having he story go on and adding new chapters as you please, this can solve the hassle of creating new assets and you could push more content faster. Love your games and me and my son play it together for a great family time. (Mishpacha Ze Hakol)

    Looking forward to your new games.

    • Hi Viktor,

      We did do some games with sequels, but I guess it’s not exactly what you’ve meant, it sounds like you’re suggesting something similar to “The Last Door”. It’s an interesting idea and we’ll consider doing it, maybe after we’ll be done with the mobile games we’re working on at the moment.

      Sabbath Shalom! 🙂

  • John Jones

    Will you still be working on viral releases for Pizza Quest, Crazy Vacation and Finding Jack’s Treasure? I play them here as well, but I love the medals I get at Newgrounds.

    • Hi John,

      The answer is 100% yes, we’re working on them as we speak and once we’ll receive all of the translators we’ll release them. Pizza Quest is expected to be released next week, hopefully as soon as possible 🙂

      • John Jones

        Cool. I’m glad to hear it. In the meantime, have a good break. I know how much I look forward to my vacation time.

  • Mihir Kaslikar


    • We will, but there’s still a while until that’ll happen.

  • aviraj

    where is carmelo are you in london

    • Carmelo is united with London against the terror attack.

  • ThatDizzyGirl

    Hi from Canada! Enjoy your well-deserved break. 🙂

  • likahokeith

    I have a question: Will “The Gatekeeper” be released the other episode(s) this year?

    • It will be released, probably not this year though.

  • Jason2003gamer

    You need that break!Don’t worry we will keep our support

  • Francisca Alves

    Hi guys! You deserve that break, you work very much. Please continue the good work! (Ps: work in the sequels of «The Gatekeeper» and «Vortex Point». they are my favourite games!)

    • Thank you Francisca, we intend to work on both in the future 😀

  • TC İlker Savaş

    are you also taking a look for cross platform development tools like Xamarin?
    it may avoid the tiresome learning of the specifics of every sistem particularly
    Xamarin allows to program with Visual Studio using C# and .NET and is also completely free. Those Microsoft technologies I used to learn and apply in my job, so I will try Xamarin my ownself.

    • For now we’re using Adobe AIR which is also cross platform, but thank you for the recommendation, we’ll make sure to check it out!

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