Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everybody!

Not much has changed since last week: We’re still working hard on our mobile game (High School Adventure) and on our webgame – Faraday’s Flaw.
We finished wroting the plot for our $1500 game, those of you who don’t care about spoilers and wish to help us with the game’s plot can find it HERE.
What are your plans for this Halloween? We will probably watch a horror movie 🙂
Have a spooktacular day 🙂

  • DaGeniusGamer 360

    Yay for GIFS 😀

  • HELLOOOO carmellooo! I am back! i was so busy these days but….. now dont worry i will play all the games i missed and will give you a feedback! plus I know they will be AWESOME 😉

  • andrea

    Nice gif XD Although I’m really tempted to see the story plot I’ll try to resist and wait for the game! 😀

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